A memorandum of agreement (MOA) describes the cooperative relationship agreed between two or more parties, entities, people who intend to work together for a project, plan or a scheme to achieve an objective.

It is a formal agreement used by the organizations to document and summarize the agreements outlining the details of the partnership along with the service corporations for provision of technical training and support.

This written understanding of the partnership agreed upon by the parties involved for working together to achieve the objective and summarize the terms and conditions of the new alliance.

What Is a Memorandum of Agreement?

The memorandum of agreement between two parties outlines the terms of the new cooperation among the parties. This written interpretation among the parties is done after a process of negotiations and understanding.

The MOA is effective to serve the purpose of documenting the terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties to work for the project cooperatively. In order to achieve the common goals, it states each party’s requirements and responsibilities.

It is helpful to have a memorandum of agreement to guide the people working on the project as it outlines all the details and conditions to be followed along with the roles and responsibilities of involved teams.

How a Memorandum of Agreement Works?

A MOA explains why the parties entered into the agreement and the way in which they are going to achieve the goal. In a work environment, having proper guidelines is very important to ensure smooth and hassle-free workflow.

Using a memorandum of agreement can be ensured to maintain the work environment and assures the goal completion by stating terms and conditions clearly in the document.

Hence, each party involved in the agreement will add value to the whole project with their expertise and skills by signing this agreement

When Will Memorandum of Agreement Be Used?

This agreement is used to establish the outlines of the work and the associated responsibilities of the team involved to accomplish the goals agreed upon. The terms and conditions are clearly documented stating the agreement of the parties involved.

The parties are accountable for the respective workers, employees, volunteers, officers, agents, and representatives. In case of any loss, MOA is used to explain the proportional costs of the party's demands, actions, claims, costs, damages, attorney fees.

Any disagreement or alteration in terms of workflow situation arise, MOA serves as the best evidence in pointing out the agreed terms and conditions of the workflow and support and in case of any change what has to be done and how.

What Are the Benefits of Using Memorandum of Agreement?

Establishing the written agreement of the work environment, roles, responsibilities, and other factors in achieving the goal is the MOA. It is highly beneficial for the parties in having a legal document of the alliance along with many other factors.

An MOA contains the detailed information of the project and the goal to be accomplished along with the rules and regularities. Parties' details, and the expertise they possess, for any problem to be addressed can be allocated and done easily.

The connections, affiliation, that each party possesses will also be mentioned in the MOA that makes it very easy to locate the right party for tasks coming up during the course of the project competition.

MOA presents a detailed account of all the guidelines and processes in which the work has to be completed with a timeline. This accomplishes the path for work progression faster and easier with the expertise, funding, and experience of the involved parties.

What Are Included in a Memorandum of Agreement?

The memorandum of agreement captures various details and aspects of the terms and conditions in which the parties take up the roles and responsibilities to achieve the goal or the purpose.

  • Purpose of the Agreement with the parties included.
  • Dates agreed by the parties including start date of the agreement, the duration of the project, and the end date of the agreement.
  • Contacts of both the parties and the hierarchy.
  • Details of the parties involved names, Financial obligations (if applicable).
  • Project related details including project work and attributes, the scope of work, information about the technical assistance and support, roles and responsibilities description.
  • Payment schedule if applicable.
  • Modification of schedule or termination of the agreement conditions.
  • Signatures of the involved parties.
  • The project details and the reason why the parties have entered the agreement with the resources details and the expertise they possess.
  • All the details of the people, project work, timelines, and the experience of the work and other required information.
  • Funding related information, guidelines for the individual and collaborative work, and the associated dependencies are also documented in the MOA.
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