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Collaboration Agreement Template

    If you are planning on joining forces with other companies on a project, then you might need an official document to tie parties in the collaboration. So we’ve created a free collaboration agreement that you can download and customize. Whether you have two or more partners working on the project, our collaboration agreement template is applicable in any part of the US and legal for any business type.

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Collaboration Agreement Template
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Collaboration Agreement Template

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The joint projects of different corporations are often launched in order to attain maximum gains by joining the expertise, the resources, and the time of one or more organizations working to achieve specific goals. A collaboration agreement governs such a situation.

Are you looking for a new collaborative project with another business? If yes, then read this article to get complete knowledge of a collaboration agreement.

What Is a Collaboration Agreement?

As the term collaboration means working together of two or more parties in a bid to achieve a common goal, the collaboration agreement states the same.

A collaboration agreement is used to govern and oversee the process of mutual collaboration when two or more parties collaborate and combine their efforts in a way so as to achieve designated objectives and gain maximum revenue in the process.

It is a legal way to bind the parties involved and keep them focused on the tasks of the mutual project at hand. The collaboration agreement further goes on to state the facts and figures, as well as the dos and don'ts during the collaboration process.

The agreement gives specific considerations of the involved parties. It brings the parties on the platform of mutual goodwill so that they work together in an enhanced way to achieve maximum success in their tasks and objectives.

Moreover, the collaboration agreement imposes legal repercussions onto the parties, in case they break the clauses of the collaboration agreement.

Get a Free Collaboration Agreement Template Below!

Before you start working on a joint project with other individuals or companies, it is advised to sign a collaboration agreement. With our editable collaboration agreement template, you can ensure transparency between partners on a corporate project and designate roles to each side. Download it below now!

Why Do You Need a Collaboration Agreement?

The collaboration agreement can be used to ensure that all parties collaborating together are on one page. It has all the relatable clauses that you could need while collaborating with another business in any way whatsoever.

The agreement contains and holds the necessary instructions to keep all the involved parties fulfill their duties, work in goodwill for one another, and also help to ease the process of collaboration throughout.

The best part about the collaboration agreement is that it is customizable so as to make it more viable and practical for both parties. It irons out the small issues and also makes the parties involved legally liable for their parts in the agreement.

The collaboration agreement is extensively used in the following scenarios:

  • The government and public sectors often use highly detailed and well-formed collaboration agreements whenever they may be involved in forming public-private projects.
  • Different departments of the same business or even departments of different organizations in cross-department collaboration use this collaboration agreement.
  • Any new business that is looking to extend its services in new areas or looking to capture a new product's supply in the market or something similar, in joint efforts with a local or more stable business, will use this agreement.

What Do Collaboration Agreements Typically Cover?

The collaboration agreement is very simple and to the point agreement. The basic features present in any collaboration agreement are as follows :

  • It makes concrete the designations of the parties involved. The company names, addresses, legal numbers, and related information are noted down for future reference.
  • The collaboration agreement defines the collaboration time period. The tasks and the objectives at hand are carefully and properly noted down in the agreement. This is the most carefully plotted portion of the entire agreement.
  • The collaboration agreement discusses the representatives appointed by both the companies in the subject. These representatives are the people who put forth the ideas and expectations of each party.
  • The agreement further specifies areas such as the staffing that shall be appointed in the term of collaboration. This is important as it puts spotlights on the departments and the required contribution from them.
  • Joint decisions and assessments are also specified. This is an important clause as the essence of the agreement lies in it. All the decisions are made democratically.
  • The generated revenue and their provisions to the parties according to the contributions are also specified.
Get a Free Collaboration Agreement Template Below!

Before you start working on a joint project with other individuals or companies, it is advised to sign a collaboration agreement. With our editable collaboration agreement template, you can ensure transparency between partners on a corporate project and designate roles to each side. Download it below now!


If you are looking for an agreement for two or more parties to achieve certain objectives while generating revenue, the collaboration agreement is your solution.

Creating a legal agreement requires knowledge of the updated law, which needs someone to dedicate a lot of time on it. However, you can get a free collaboration agreement template and other different templates within 3 minutes on CocoSign.




This collaboration agreement is entered into as of Day Month Year (the Effective Date”).


BETWEEN       (“                                ”)


AND        (“                                ”)


(hereinafter referred to as the “Parties”)



The Parties are about to write in collaboration an (original story) (treatment) (screenplay) [                                                 ] (other), hereinafter referred to as the “Work” and seek to establish and clarify all their rights and obligations in and to the Work.


In consideration of the execution of this Agreement, and the undertakings of the Parties as provided in this Agreement, it is agreed as follows:


  1. The Parties shall collaborate in the writing of the Work and upon completion of it shall be the joint owners of the Work (or shall own the Work in the following percentages):




  1. It is contemplated that the Work will be completed by no later than [      ] (date) provided, however, that failure to complete the Work by such date shall not be construed as a breach of this Agreement by either Party.


  1. If, prior to the completion of the Work, one Party voluntarily withdraws from the collaboration, then the other party shall have the right to complete the Work alone or in conjunction with another collaborator or collaborators.  In such event the percentage of ownership, as provided in Clause 1, shall be revised by mutual agreement in writing.                   


  1. If, prior to the completion of the Work, there is a dispute of any kind with respect to the Work, then the Parties may terminate this agreement.  Such termination to be in writing and signed by the Parties.


  1. Neither party shall sell, authorise the sale of, or otherwise voluntarily dispose of the Work, or his or her share of the Work, without the written consent of the other Party, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld.


  1. Any contract for the sale or other disposition or use of the Work, where the work has been completed by the Parties in accordance with this Agreement, shall require that the writing credit be given to the Parties in the following manner:


  1. All reasonable expenses of any kind which are incurred by either or both of the Parties in connection with the writing, registration, sale or other use of the Work shall be (shared jointly) (divided in accordance with the percentages described in Clause 1).  However, neither Party is to incur expenses of more than (amount) without the written consent of the other Party.


  1. All money or other value derived from the sale or other disposition or use of the Work shall be applied as follows:                 
    1. In payment of any expenses or reimbursement of either Party for expenses paid in connection with the Work.
    2. In payment to the Parties in the proportion of their ownership.


  1. Should the Work be sold or otherwise disposed of and the Parties employed to revise the Work or write a screenplay based upon the Work or provide other writing services in relation to the Work, the total compensation provided for in such employment agreement shall be shared by them (jointly) as follows:




If either Party is unavailable for the purposes of such employment, then the Party who is available shall be permitted to do such work and shall be entitled to the full amount of compensation in connection therewith.


  1. If either Party wishes to use the Work, any part of the Work or any right in the Work, the Party desiring to do so shall notify the other Party of the fact and shall give the other Party the opportunity to participate in the venture in the proportion of such other Party’s interest in the Work. If such other Party is unwilling to participate in such venture, the Party wishing to proceed shall be required to pay such other Party an amount equal to the fair market value of the Work, part of the Work or right.


  1. If any dispute arises concerning the interpretation or application of this Agreement, or the rights or liabilities of the Parties, such dispute shall be submitted to the New Zealand Writers Guild for arbitration and the determination of the Guild as to all such matters shall be conclusive and binding upon the Parties.






Signed by     Signed by

in the presence of:    in the presence of:



______________________________  ___________________________

Signature of     Signature of





______________________________  ___________________________

Signature of Witness    Signature of Witness


______________________________  ___________________________

Name of Witness    Name of Witness


______________________________  ___________________________

Occupation of Witness    Occupation of Witness




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