The joint custody agreement helps the parents, who are or will no longer be legally bound in the marriage, to settle for the mutual agreement of co-parenting their child/children.

The parents plan to raise the child with equal contribution with presenting it at the time of the legal procedure. Read the following parts to learn more about the how joint custody agreement works:

What Is a Joint Custody Agreement?

A joint custody agreement means both the parents want to be equally involved in raising the child. Here, the joint custody shall be of joint physical or legal joint custody.

The physical custody means the child physically spends a significant amount of time with both the parents. Parents can present a parenting plan to mention the time spent with each parent. However, the child needs to have a fair timeshare to consider it joint physical custody.

On the other hand, legal custody is valid if both the parents take the responsibility and authority to make the child life’s decisions together. In joint custody, both the parents have physical as well as legal joint custody.

However, they could request for a joint custody agreement with just joint physical or legal custody.

What Can You Use a Joint Custody Agreement For?

More or less the aspects of the joint custody agreement form are the same as regular custody agreement but the parents share the child’s time and responsibility. The parents shall have a joint custody parenting plan where both the parents have a fair amount of time with the children.

However, if the parents decide to not sign the agreement and mutually decide to manage the situation without confronting legal action, the arrangement could attract chaos and fights in the future.

This agreement is used to make both the parents take charge of if anything happens in the child’s life. A legally bound document will make them feel that it is their duty and they can’t take or grant any circumstances related to the child.

What Is Included in the Joint Custody Agreement?

The joint custody agreement is entered between both the parents of the child. Several things shall be included in the joint custody agreement. Here is a list of the key features:

  • Personal Information: Here the parties' marriage data and the separation dates are mentioned. Furthermore, the child’s birthday, age, and if he\she is minor or not, such details needed in the agreement.
  • Custody: The child (child’s name) shall be in joint custody with both the parents. This term shall describe the number of days or period the child will be with each parent.
  • Exchanges: The exchange in custody shall take place at a particular location or time. The parents shall provide those details.
  • Holidays: The mother shall have custody of holidays in the first year and ‘even’ number years thereafter. The father shall have the dates of ‘odd number years holidays. This includes vacations, school breaks, or any special occasion.
  • Healthcare: All the medical records, including medical bills of the child, are accessible to both the parents. Moreover, both the parents shall mutually agree upon all major child’s medical decisions.
  • Visitation Rights: When a child is in the care of one parent, the liberty of other parent’s visitation rights shall be discussed beforehand in the agreement.
  • Acknowledgment: The entire agreement needs to be acknowledged by providing both the parties' signature for the agreement to come in effect on the mentioned dates.
  • Modification: In case any modification or change in the agreement shall be provided in written form, and signed by both the parties.
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Joint custody provides the child with equal love and support from both the parents. And divorced parents could also have the same opportunity to take care of their child.

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