The online business markets are flourishing as they are more convenient to use. You can now shop for virtually anything online. However, in order to put your product out there for the world to see, you need an attractive looking online shop.

The website, or your online shop, is usually made by a team of web developers. If you are looking to know complete details of a web development agreement this article is the place to be.

What Is a Web Development Agreement?

A web development agreement may sound simple but it is essential in an uncertain environment of the software industry where the demands of business change rapidly, the wishlist of clients overwhelms and the unforeseen blockades hinder the development process.

It governs the business relationship of an employer and an employee. The employer here, being the person who wants the website or the software made, and the employee is the web developer who shall make the website or the software artifact accordingly.

The web developer may be a single person as an independent contractor or a corporate entity. The agreement oversees the working term of the developer or development team with the employer who has hired the developer to work on the software product.

The agreement is set according to the context of the requirements. Also, it contains all the details of the working term. The details include various clauses that include all the aspects such as the timelines, budgets, quality control, ownership

Moreover, it also covers details about the payments, the method of payments, and the timeline of payments. The scope of work is included as a separate document and signed by both parties. There are also clauses for conflict resolution and dispute management.

Why Do You Need a Web Development Agreement?

The web development agreement is usually needed by people and organizations that are looking to expand their businesses online. Online shipping and delivery services have made online shopping a go-to option for most people these days.

It is imperative now, more than ever, to have a well made and well-maintained business outlet on the internet. It is going to be the new age of businesses all over the world.

Any business that is looking to establish an online presence shall use the web development agreement. Some scenarios where businesses that need this agreement are as follows:

  • Online clothes stores and online brand shops use this agreement to create their websites.
  • This agreement is used by mega-corporations setting up their online websites.
  • It is used by people who are just setting up small objective websites as well. These people use this agreement to form a pact with their web developers.
  • Organizations that are looking to develop an online portal for their employees or customers.
  • Any layman businessman or entrepreneur who is supposedly new to all these online stores and websites always appreciates a legal document such as this that makes the transaction tangible and easier to understand.

What Constitutes a Web Development Agreement?

A web development agreement is composed of several clauses. The basic features include:

  • It sets up the situation as an employer-employee scenario. The responsibilities and duties of both parties are laid out accordingly.
  • The agreement sets up the boundaries of the working relationship. It sets up a timeline, a budget, expectations of the employer from his website, targets for the web developer and all the other related aspects of setting up a website.
  • This agreement also includes the additional clauses that might be needed in case of conflict resolutions and to make sure that both parties are in good communication with one another.
  • The agreement also states quality control as an important aspect. It shall remain in usage until the web developer has made certain that the employer is satisfied with the work he is receiving.
  • Another important part ofthe agreement states that the content or the portions of the website shall be under the web developer's ownership. The copyrights to the elements of the website shall actively be given to the owner after the website is completed.
  • The web development agreement states that the client's information shall be held confidential at all times. No information shall be infringed by the web developer.
  • Both parties hold each other in indemnity during their time together. Moreover, liability is not imposed on any party for their legal issues, however, as per mentioned in the agreement.
  • The parties shall not be held liable in case the agreement is unfulfilled but because of natural disasters or any act deemed as divine intervention.
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A web development agreement governs a very modern concept of web development and its legal aspects. It is a way of connecting the person asking for the creation of the website and the web developer. It binds them legally to ease the proceedings of the whole scenario.

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