When someone hires a speaker for the event, how do they do it? Probably, by asking the speaker if he/she will do a particular job at a particular event.

But what if he/she backs out at the last minute? It would be difficult to replace that person and also the mental and monetary stress will be huge. That is where a speaker agreement comes into the picture.

A speaker agreement also known as speaker engagement agreement is created to bind two parties, the event organizer and the speaking service provider. Let’s read the following sections to learn about this agreement in detail.

What Is a Speaker Agreement?

A legally bound document created between two parties to agree on delivering speaking service at an event is a speaker agreement. The two parties involved are the event host who has organized the event and the speaker who will be doing the speaking work at the event.

This agreement is imperative when two parties are working together just for speaking service as it will outline all the details of the speaking work to be done.

It also states the details about the event at which the speaker is supposed to serve, payment information, and compensation to clear out any misunderstanding.

Why Need a Speaker Agreement?

Whether the host is having a large or a small event, it is crucial to create a speaker agreement. Such agreements are usually formed with speakers giving a speech at a large event like a conference, and award shows, or even at a small event as a meeting or a small ceremony.

This agreement is used to being the relationship between the speaker and the event host. It mentions what the speaker is going to speak and at what place and time so that a digression from any written term can be proven immoral in front of the judge.

Many speakers operate independently based on their subject-matter expertise, so there is no company or organization to back them up and take a guarantee for them. This is where a speaker agreement is useful as a promise to fulfill the task.

In short, having such agreement solves a lot of chaos, misconduct, and misunderstanding and helps to build a robust, professional, and long-term relationship between the two parties.

What Are the Features of a Speaker Agreement?

The event host or the speaker could create their template with the help of a speaker agreement. Here are the common terms to be used in the agreement:

Speaker and event details

The details of the event like the date, time, address, type, number of attendees, and the personal detail of the organizer shall be mentioned in the agreement. Similarly, the hired speaker’s personal information and commitment to be present at the event shall be provided.

Room set up and provided equipment

Complete details of the equipment used for delivering the speaker’s speech shall be mentioned. From projector screen, projector adapter, bottles of water, chairs, audio system, mic to music, every specification needs to be given.


For the booking deal, the organizer shall pay advance money to the speaker. The information on payment bifurcation like advance, due money, and compensation, if any, and the date of the payment shall be there in the speaker agreement.

License for Content

The speaker shall grant permission to use the speaker’s content and handout materials in any appropriate manner. This term shall also include the limitation of the period, platform, and content the speaker can impose for his/her content to be used by the event organizer.


The speaker grants permission for user name and/or photo, social media contact details, etc. for promotion of the event. The date till the organizers could use these shall also be mentioned.


The event organizer shall restrict the speaker from disclosing any critical information shared for or during the event. This term is mainly used in speaker agreements to keep the business details confidential.

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The parties shall make sure that the agreements are under the state laws, governing general and commercial agreement principles. Moreover, the agreement shall be signed by both parties and each must have at least a copy of it.

Moreover, every event is different so the parties shall create their template by referring to many available speaker agreements. You can find the best, reliable and lawful agreement templates for free from CocoSign.


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