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How to Add Your Electronic Signature to Online Forms With CocoSign?

1. Add Form Element

To get started, open the form builder. On the left panel of the form builder, locate the ‘Add form element’ button and click it. This inserts a signature field into the form builder

2. Drag/Drop Signatures

Drag an image of an already scanned signature and drop into the signature field. You can also use some of the e-signature widgets in the ‘Widgets’ tab.

3. Save Document

Adjust the signature field to the position you want it to assume and to the size that best suits your online form and click “Done” to save changes.

Benefits of CocoSign’s Electronic Signatures

Maximum Convenience

Cocosign saves you the stress of having to print, sign by hand and mail hundreds of standard-format online forms. You can assume a more convenient approach of designing templates you can work with time and time again.

Easy to Navigate

The platform is very easy to navigate and append signatures. You can upload an image of an already scanned signature or draw yours within the signature editor window using your mouse, trackpad to stylus pen.

Safe and Secure

CocoSign’s electronic signatures are safe, secure and verifiable. Also all file transfers, connections and downloads done on the platform are done in compliance with multiple security standards such as the HIPPA.

High Cost-Effectiveness:

This is one of the most important pros of using CocoSign’s electronic signatures. Rather than burn through your account, printing, scanning and sending signed documents by mail, you can do all of that in a few steps for free with CocoSign.

Save Time

It saves time immensely that would have been invested in printing, signing and mailing documents. In a few seconds to minutes, all parties to an online form can write or draw their signature on the online form.

Time Stamp

This is a security and integrity measure put in place by CocoSign. This timestamp is an indication of what time the document is signed and also guarantees that a signature made cannot be modified or changed afterward.

Why Are Online Form Signatures Necessary?

Most businesses are now tending towards paperless transactions and you can soon be left behind if you do not follow suit. While we are yet to achieve a paperless-office, we might not be so far from that age. One sign we are nearing this age is approving online forms with electronic signatures. Here are a few reasons why online form signature has become absolutely necessary:

Improved Security

Electronic signatures are no doubt a safer way of consenting to an agreement that using traditional paper documents. Online forms with signature, in this case, electronic, contain traceable information. This information can be used to hash who signed the document, at what time and in some cases, where it was signed.

Faster Turnaround

The convenience signing online forms with electronic signatures leads to a faster turnaround. Rather than sending the document to a party, have them print, sign, scan and send to another party, repeating the process all over again, all signatories can register an online signature on the online form within a few seconds or minutes.

Simpler to Use

This is one of the greatest perks of electronic signatures. They are incredibly easy to use. There are also several online solutions in the market today.

Who May Need Online Form Signatures?

Since time is considered money in many climes, models, methods and processes that can reduce transaction times are highly welcome. In recent years, there has been a bullish shift from manual to digital processes. One such shift is the move from traditional wet ink signatures as a form of consent to the use of online form signatures. Here are some sectors where e-signatures would prove a good fit.

Real Estate Stakeholders

Real estate professionals typically need to sign reams of contract papers within a particular time frame. Otherwise, they can be edged out by a fierce competitor who is more receptive to technology and can beat slim time frames as a result. Rather than waste time hunting for signatories to a contract or online form to manually register their signatures, they can be made to sign off electronically all at once regardless of their number.


The government has a heavy streamline of paper documents and online forms to sign and store securely daily. These forms are very confidential and contain really private information. Hence, they need to be kept under tight security, the cost of which is usually exorbitant.

With digital signature solutions, they can save storage costs.

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