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Bid Proposal Template

    Whether you’re working on a construction project or other types of service, it is important to have a well-organized and formatted bid proposal in order to get your bid submitted correctly. Our bid proposal template contains a detailed description of the services, materials, or work that the bidder's company will provide. It is editable so you can add any conditions you want to include. Get a professional template below and start the bidding process!

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Bid Proposal Template
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Bid Proposal Template

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Bids are usually used in the construction field, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t apply to other areas as well. A bid proposal is a helpful tool for companies that are looking for contractors for specific projects.

Using a bid proposal template is the best way to make sure that you clearly present the details of the project and the conditions the bidder needs to meet.

Every bid proposal example will show you that your document must be well organized, and it must encourage potential contractors to place a fitting bid on your project.

What Is a Bid Proposal?

A bid proposal is a formal invitation you send to potential contractors, encouraging them to bid on your project. It’s a brief document that includes the details on the job you want to be done, including the timeline and, most importantly, the budget.

When writing a proposal for a bid, you need to underline the standards you are setting, so that the bids you will receive can be relevant. You can study a few sample bid proposals to get an idea of what you need to include.

But, in the end, you are the one that knows precisely what you need from the team that will execute your project. Putting that information on paper will be time-efficient both for you and the bidders.

Download a Free Bid Proposal Template for Your Project Now!

Bids are a formal process that needs to be taken seriously. As the number of bids are increasing, it becomes difficult for companies to manage bid proposals on their own. That’s why we created this versatile bid proposal template to cover all your needs and help you simplify the bidding process. Grab a bid proposal sample below for free and start the bidding procedures today!

How the Bidding Process Works?

If you want to know how to write a bid proposal, you need to understand the bidding process. It’s similar to an auction in some ways, but instead of bidding money for a specific object, contractors will be bidding to be the team that completes a particular project.

That means that your bid proposal has to tell them everything they need to know to decide how well they can handle every aspect of the project. Once you begin to receive the bids, you need to compare them. These are the main aspects you must look out for:

  • Do they have the experience to complete this type of project?
  • Have they worked on similar projects before?
  • What is their fee, and is it justified?
  • Can you find feedback on this contractor?

What Should Be Included in a Bid Proposal?

A certain element of persuasion must be included in any proposal, even if you are the client, not the contractor. In the end, both parties must be pleased, so there are certain aspects that every bid proposal must include:

  • An ‘About us’ section, where you provide them with some background and a glimpse into the type of collaboration they should expect.
  • Give a presentation of the project that shows them your vision of how you want things done, not just the duties. The goal is that both parties are on the same page, and the project will run smoothly.
  • The budget is crucial, and the way you present it depends on the nature of the project.
  • The completion date must be clearly mentioned.
  • A critical mention is the one on ownership of project deliverables.
Download a Free Bid Proposal Template for Your Project Now!

Bids are a formal process that needs to be taken seriously. As the number of bids are increasing, it becomes difficult for companies to manage bid proposals on their own. That’s why we created this versatile bid proposal template to cover all your needs and help you simplify the bidding process. Grab a bid proposal sample below for free and start the bidding procedures today!


An efficient bid proposal will make sure you only receive relevant bids on your project, and that you will find the right candidate quickly. Learning how to write a bid proposal is important because it saves time and helps you find the best contractor to bring your vision to life.

Using a bid proposal template is a huge help in writing a proposal for a bid, and CocoSign is an excellent source of proposal templates. Not only do they have great sample bid proposals, but also templates for all types of businesses.


Project Title:  _____________________________________________________

Requistioner:   ____________________________________________________

Department:  ____________________________________________________


 On this template, enter/modify areas that are grayed and save as your own procurement specific document.

Please attach a print of your Starter Tool to this template when you submit it to Procurement Services.


GOAL(s):  Enter a short paragraph stating the overall what, when, why, etc. of this procurement

IMSA’s goal in this procurement is to ….




List the detail line by line requirements of your purchase.  Be as specific as you can to receive a good response.  This section might include any performance metrics as well. Note, this section must synchronize with Number 9, your evaluation.

1.1.   Service or Item 1

1.2.   Service or Item 2

1.3.   Service or Item 3

1.4.   Add/Remove lines as needed



Milestones or delivery dates for item(s) from above.  This section may well synchronize with section 11 Payment Terms and Conditions.

2.1.   Milestone 1

2.2.   Milestone 2

2.3.   Milestone 3

2.4.   Add/remove lines as needed



Any specific qualifications, certifications, experiences required?

3.1.   Qualification 1

Formal Bid Template


1.1.   Qualification 2

1.2.   Qualification 3

1.3.   Add/Remove lines as needed



Is the vendor expected to be on site at IMSA or travel to other sites?

2.1.   State the work location(s)


  1. IMSA obligations:

What (if anything) IMSA will provide

3.1.   IMSA obligation 1

3.2.   IMSA obligation 2

3.3.   IMSA obligation 3

3.4.   Add/Remove lines as needed



The initial term of the contract will be from (MM/DD/YYYY  or the date of execution of the contract through   (MM/DD/YYYY).



State the initial contract period and  renew option years and dates if applicable

5.1.   Initial    Start Date End Date

5.2.   Renewal 1   Start Date End Date

5.3.   Renewal 2   Start Date End Date

5.4.   Renewal 3   Start Date End Date

5.5.   Add/Remove lines as needed



References - What kind of references are you expecting?

6.1.   Enter your reference requirements here

6.2.   Enter your reference requirements here

6.3.   Add/remove lines as needed

Formal Bid Template




Normally, we ask the vendors to response to each line item in section 1 and 2 above.  You are telling the vendor(s) what you wish to see in their response so that you can easily evaluate multiple proposals.  If you need something different, this would be a place to detail it.  Previous work examples, sample deliverables, spec sheets, maintenance lists, etc. might be noted.

1.1.   Enter your Response requirements here (if different than line by line as stated in section 1)



We need to detail how the bids coming in will be evaluated an scored.  List the elements of Responsiveness that we will evaluate, their maximum weights in point format and minimum point requirements.    You may enter here or attach a spreadsheet with items and weights.

Responsiveness Elements

Responsiveness Elements

Maximum Responsiveness Weight

Administrative Compliance - We will determine whether your Offer complied with the Instructions for submitting Offers. Except for late submissions, we may require that a Vendor correct deficiencies as a condition of further evaluation.


Responsibility - We will determine whether you are a   Responsible  Vendor; a Vendor with whom we can or should do business.


Evaluation Criteria 1


Evaluation Criteria 2


Evaluation Criteria 3


Add /Remove Evaluation Criteria as needed


Total Possible Responsiveness Points


Note: Pricing and its’ weight is automatically added to the Final evaluation

  1. PRICE


You are asking the vendors to breakdown their estimates of costs.  Based on what you are asking for, labor, overhead, materials, travel, duplication etc.  may all be involved. 


Formal Bid Template


Identify the method of charging (hourly, daily, project, item, or other method) and provide the rate or price for each type of supply or service.  Pricing shall be in accordance with the unit of measure specified and only one unit price shall be quoted per item unless specifically provided below.  All extensions and totals requested shall be shown.  Prices quoted must be net after deducting all trade or quantity discounts and any other available allowances.

1.1.          Price Spec 1

1.2.          Price Spec 2

1.3.          Add/Remove lines as needed



How will the work be split for invoices and payments?

The default is "Payment will be made after completion of the Contract unless otherwise specified below."  For large and long interval projects, a phased invoicing strategy based on completion of clear, measurable milestones and/or deliverables is often needed and stated in section 2.  I.e.

We expect to receive three invoices as follows:

#1 Dollars for hours worked from start to approved design spec

#2 Dollars for hours worked from design approval to test complete

#3 Dollars for hours worked from test complete to production cutover

2.1.   Payment Terms 1

2.2.   Payment Terms 2

2.3.   Payment Terms 3

2.4.   Add/Remove lines as needed

  1. Supplemental Provisions

This is where you can specify attachments that will give the vendors background and context for your request.  Good examples might be Information about the program or the Academic Calendar.

3.1.   Supplemental 1

3.2.   Supplemental 2

3.3.   Add/Remove lines as needed


  1. Do you have any position on the use of Sub-contractor?

Yes/No, any restrictions imposed by funders etc.


  1. Other Requests

Any other requests of the process – i.e. Vendor meeting

5.1.   Request 1

Formal Bid Template


1.1.   Add/Remove lines as needed



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