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    Building a sponsorship proposal from scratch sounds complicated. That’s why we make it easier for you to draft a sponsorship proposal for your event with a readymade sponsorship proposal template. Our thoughtful sponsorship proposal is designed to help you win support from potential sponsors with all components involved. No more hesitation, and get our sponsorship proposal now!

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A sponsorship proposal is one of the most straightforward types of proposals to use. Creating the document is easy, especially if you use a high-quality sponsorship proposal template; the challenge is finding the right recipients for your proposal.

The event you are planning and for which you need sponsorship needs to be compatible with the companies you target. So here is how to draft the ultimate sponsorship proposal that can lead to a mutually beneficial collaboration.

What Is a Sponsorship Proposal?

The sponsorship template has been created for people who are planning a particular event and need to attract sponsors to back them up. The sponsorship proposal is the document you send to companies that operate in fields related to the theme of your event.

It needs to convince them that they will have tangible benefits from this collaboration, as their products and services will be promoted, and they will gain popularity and a positive image.

Using a suitable sponsorship package template will help you underline both their gains and your needs for the event you are planning.

Use Our Sponsorship Proposal Sample Now!

The best event sponsorship proposals are those presenting a lucid plan with conciseness and creativity. Our sponsorship proposal template helps event organizers differentiate themselves from the rest by providing practical elements and an adaptable outline. Tell your unique story and earn chances for yourself with our free sponsorship proposal now!

What Are the Key Elements of a Sponsorship Proposal?

The best way to secure the funding you need for your upcoming event is to create an attractive and efficient sponsorship proposal, using an excellent sponsorship proposal template.

What you are trying to accomplish is to create a business relationship, so you need to make sure all the essential elements are included in the document. That way, it will have a more significant impact.

These are the key elements to include in your sponsorship proposal:

  • The primary information on the event: name, location, purpose, prominent speakers or performers, and any additional information that will make the event attractive to sponsors.
  • The profile of the people that will attend the event is crucial because it helps potential sponsors decide if they can reach their target audience.
  • The purpose of the event is also relevant to possible sponsors, so make sure you reveal the story behind it, and why it was necessary to organize it.
  • If possible, provide a presentation video to back your document.
  • Present the sponsorship packages; at this point, a downloadable sponsorship package template can be handy.
  • Present all the ways the name of the sponsor can be featured during the event.
  • The terms and conditions must be made clear from the start, as they will be an essential part of the contract.
  • Mention the contribution you need from the sponsor and the deadline by which you need to receive the money, so you can finish putting together the event.
  • You also have to explicitly mention that once the event is over, so is the contract with the sponsor.
  • The cancellation policy must also be clear
Use Our Sponsorship Proposal Sample Now!

The best event sponsorship proposals are those presenting a lucid plan with conciseness and creativity. Our sponsorship proposal template helps event organizers differentiate themselves from the rest by providing practical elements and an adaptable outline. Tell your unique story and earn chances for yourself with our free sponsorship proposal now!


Organizing an event, especially a charity, can be extremely challenging. And finding sponsors is one of the main concerns. The sponsorship proposal is the tool you need to attract the right sponsorship deals, but you need to make sure it looks impeccable.

To do that, you need an excellent sponsorship proposal template, like the one from CocoSign. If you take a look at their website, you will see many other useful proposal templates for all types of businesses and activities.


Sponsorship Proposal



DC fight system




Michigan Sports Camps was opened in the 90’s by UFC Hall of Fame member Dan “The Beast” Severn and has been home to many up and coming Mixed Martial Artists; including Rashad Evans (former UFC World Champion), Luke Zachrich (Ultimate Fighter reality show contestant, Bellator Fighting Championship fighter, owner/operator of Ronin Training Center, Toledo OH), and Paul Bowers (King of the Cage fighter, Gladiator Challenge fighter, personal instructor to UFC, Strikeforce, and Bellator veteran Jorge Gurgel, owner/operator of Defend Michigan, Battle Creek MI). MSC training facility offers a variety of different combative technique classes including Boxing (taught by professional boxer Andy “TNT” Pratel), Wrestling, and Mixed Martial Arts; which is taught by lead instructor and MMA fighter Dan Claus.

The training facility offers a variety of athletes the opportunity for health and wellness. Our Mixed Martial Arts class provides elite combat training while incorporating strength and cardio regiments.  Our professional boxing coach offers high quality instruction to men, woman, and children of all ages and levels. Each instructor is qualified and capable of providing, not only great training opportunities, but sound diet and nutrition advice to each individual who wants to start; or continue to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Our facility also offers a full size weight room, shower, kitchen and dining area.

Team Severn MMA was recently taken over by lead instructor Dan Claus April 1st, 2013.  Dan has trained and helped train others for seven years at Michigan Sports Camps. Since recently taking over the MMA class he has successfully built a strong MMA team, while implementing his philosophy and style know as DC Fight System.

“At DC Fight System all those who believe they are capable of becoming champions come together and follow a system with unlimited potential. Those who are not yet aware of their potential fall into that system and become engulfed in the environment created with the sole purpose of achieving success; not only in Mixed Martial Arts, but in all aspects of  life. As part of the DC Fight System team students learn and strengthen characteristics such as Dedication and Commitment, Discipline and Control, Determination and C

Sponsorship Proposal


ourage. As a fighter you will Develop Combative skills, and as a member of the DC System family you will take pride in Defending our Camaraderie. Members will train hard and carry forth these attributes in and out of the cage, with their heads held high; and assuredly know they can Conquer any Difficulty they encounter, because they have, and will continue to train with DC Fight System.”







Bio and Coaching Profile of Dan Claus:


  • Graduated from Jonesville High School, Jonesville MI.
  • Received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Heidelberg University, Tiffin OH.
  • Received a Post BA degree with a double major in History and Special Education from Spring Arbor University, Spring Arbor MI.
  • Has taught Special Education for four years and will soon pursue a Masters Degree in Special Education and certification as a Behavior Analyst.


  • High School Wrestling All-State Honors, including academic,  with over 140 career wins
  • Member of the NCAA D3 Heidelberg University Wrestling Team, including accomplishments such as: varsity letter winner, national all-academic team, three years of top ten national team finishes, and two years of OAC (Ohio Athletic Conference) championships.
  • Trained and fought for Dan Severn at Michigan Sports Camps for seven years, posting an amateur record of 10-5-1, and soon to become a professional fighter.
  • Fought in high level promotions such as King of the Cage, North American Allied Fight Series (NAAFS), Gladiator Elite Cage Fighting (GECF), and Xtreme Fight Organization (XFO).
  • Successfully competes in a variety of grappling/submission tournaments, and boxing events.


Sponsorship Proposal


  • Six years of coaching Wrestling; four years as varsity assistant, and two years as Middle School head coach; with an overall head coaching record of 26-10.
  • As a varsity assistant coach he has helped train six individuals to All-State honors.
  • Administrative Assistant at Michigan Sports Camps
  • Took over as head MMA instructor, April 1st, 2013 and since then has trained over 19 individuals; six of whom have competed.
  • Record as lead instructor includes 2-1 in MMA fights, 7 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and 1 NAGA Expert Championship belt in grappling. 





Team Sponsorship:

Our Mixed Martial Arts team is always looking to align itself with companies that are interested in promoting all components of DC Fight System through association with our team. At present we are attempting to raise enough money to cover the cost of team uniforms, competition/training travel expenses, competition entry fees, training equipment, and other basic operating costs. Each year our team members participate, individually or as a group, in over 10 different events from grappling tournaments, boxing events, and MMA events.


Presence at these events along with frequent dominating finishes offer sponsors the opportunity to gain invaluable exposure. Your logo placed on our shirts, website

www.dcfightsystem.com and other promotional material is an opportunity to show your support and association for a worthwhile, successful program. Given proper notice, our team is also available for appearances at trade shows, community events, promotional gatherings and photographic purposes. We are open to any and all ideas to help sponsors benefit from their association with our team.


Product Sponsorship:

Sponsorship Proposal


In lieu of a monetary donation, the team will accept donations in the form of products. This type of donation will have to equate to a specific dollar amount and depending upon the type of item will have to be made available to ALL our team members for use over the course of the year. Product sponsorships are carefully reviewed on an item by item basis.








Monetary and Product Option List


Team shirts (uniform)

$20 for each member

Team sweatshirts (uniform)

$30 for each member

Team practice shorts (uniform)

$20 for each member

Team competition fight shorts (uniform)

$50 for each member

Boxing gloves

$40 each

Focus mits

$50 each

Kicking pads

$60 each

Boxing headgear

$50 each

Shin guards

$30 each

MMA gloves

$30 each

Professional gym timer

$100 each

Large digital scale

$100 each

MMA trainers kit (includes first aid)

$100 each

Team banner (3’ X 6’ vinyl)

$70 each

Grappling tournament entries

$80 each event (at least 5 per year)

Boxing event entries



Sponsorship Proposal


MMA event entries


Travel expenses



*prices were taken from online Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, and various Sporting Goods Stores. Boxing, MMA events, and travel expenses vary depending on the specific event and location.


Sponsorship is not limited to the above items or prices. These are our needs, but are only options.  Any support given will be graciously accepted.






Four Levels of Sponsorship


Platinum Level: ($1,000 or more)

  • Two year sponsorship
  • Two team appearances for promotional purposes
  • Large logo on our team banner
  • Large logo and link on website
  • Name on team uniforms

Gold Level: ($500 - $1,000)

  • Medium size logo on our team banner
  • One team appearance for promotional purposes
  • One year sponsorship
  • Medium size logo and link placed on website
  • Name on team uniforms

Silver Level: ($100 - $500)

  • One year sponsorship
  • Small logo and link placed on website
  • Name on team shirts

Bronze Level: ($50 - $100)

Sponsorship Proposal


  • Small logo and link placed on website
  • Name on team shirts




Our aim is to provide our sponsors with the maximum exposure we can while both training locally and competing nationwide. We our open to ANY suggestions potential sponsors might have in order to establish a solid and mutually beneficial relationship!











Sponsorship Agreement:



Date: _______________



Representative: _________________________________



Company: _________________________________________________________



Contact: __________________________________________________________



Sponsorship Level:     BRONZE        SILVER            GOLD  PLATINUM



Amount: $_________________



Address: __________________________________________________________



City: ___________________  State: _______ Zip Code: ____________________



Sponsorship Proposal


Phone Number: ________________________  FAX: _______________________



Website: __________________________________________________________



Email Address: _____________________________________________________







I agree to the terms of the sponsorship agreement:

Signature:_____________________________________________ Date:____________



Dear valued sponsor,

On behave of our team; I sincerely thank you for the opportunity to promote your company and your willingness to associate yourself with us. I am excited for the positive relationship we have established and I look forward to our future collaboration.


Thank you,



Dan Claus

Lead MMA instructor

Assistant Administrator

Michigan Sports Camps, Coldwater MI.


Contact information:

Sponsorship Proposal


Phone: 517-610-0780



You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter





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