Real Estate Commission Invoice

Real Estate Commission Invoice

    Real estate agencies charge a commission that is calculated as a percentage of the value of property provided to the client. It is important to have a professional and standardized real estate commission invoice. So we’ve created a customizable template for you to download for free and forward to clients with the payable amount and your agency details.

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Real Estate Commission Invoice
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Real Estate Commission Invoice

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The real estate market is a harsh world, and to make sure they avoid any misfortunes or fraudulent offers, clients prefer to find the estate they want with the help of a broker or an agent.

That way, they have access to a higher number of offers, and they don’t have to waste any time looking for them. Once they find the right property, whether they want to buy or rent, the real estate agent will have to give them a real estate commission invoice.

That’s the document they will use to pay the fee that the real estate agency takes for the services they offered. Most agencies use a commission statement template to issue their invoices, to make sure they are complete and look professional.

What Is a Real Estate Commission Invoice?

When the real estate agent helps the client find the perfect property, they are offering a paid service. In this case, the costs aren’t calculated by considering the time and resources they spend trying to find the right property.

Instead, the agency receives a commission calculated as a percentage of the value of the property they bought or rented. The real estate commission invoice mentions the property that has been chosen by the client and the commission the agency is entitled to.

What to Include in your Real Estate Commission Invoice?

The commission statement is a pretty straightforward document, but it still needs to look formal and professional, so it’s advisable to create it with a commission statement template. These are the elements that must be included:

  • The identifying information of the real estate agency: name, address, contact information.
  • The identifying information of the client: name, address, contact information.
  • The list of deals they have completed and the value of each deal.
  • The commission rate and subtotal for each deal.
  • Taxes and fees that apply, and the total amount that the client has to payto the realtor.
  • Payment terms, the due date, as well as penalties for late payments.
Download a Free Real Estate Commission Invoice Template Below!

If you want to streamline the brokering process as a real estate agent, it is essential to have a commission invoice at hand. Simply add your agency details, client details, the payable amount, and forward it to your customers. With our free real estate commission invoice template, you don’t have to rack your brains in designing a new form for every client.


The real estate agent is extremely useful in the search for a new home or office space. For the services they perform, the real estate agent gets a commission after every deal, and they give the client a commission statement.

It’s the document that justifies the payment and has all the information the client needs to send the money. To make sure your real estate commission invoice has all the relevant information and looks professional, create it using the template from CocoSign.


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