Mechanic Invoice

Mechanic Invoice

    Managing the technical affairs of a car repair shop and staying on top of billing at the same time can be a hard nut to crack for an average mechanic. You can reduce your billing concerns by using an auto-body mechanic invoice template and refocus your energy on adding sparkle to that old car, hammering out car body dimples, and making custom adjustments to a customer’s car build.

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Mechanic Invoice
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Mechanic Invoice

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Every vehicle requires regular maintenance and needs to be taken care of for longer use. Thus, visiting an Auto Repair shop is quite common and everyone wants his/her vehicle to be in the best shape.

For Mechanics, it is their job to satisfy the customer with the best services at the most affordable cost. This not only aids in word-of-mouth marketing but also helps in sustaining the clients. Having a large number of clients is a blessing but keeping their record can be a hectic job.

However, getting a mechanic invoice can make your life easy. It is a great way of bringing your business finance on top by issuing an Auto Repair invoice to every customer along with a photocopy that stays with you.

What Is a Mechanic Invoice?

A mechanic invoice is a great way of showing the proof that you have served a customer with your mechanical services. It usually contains information about the client and the Mechanic along with details of the services provided to the customer.

You will need to make an auto repair billing for services like:

  • Changing vehicle oil.
  • Towing vehicle.
  • Repairing any accidents that might have occurred.
  • Window repair or replacement.
  • Installing AC or repairing the old one.
  • Repairing of exhaust and its testing.
  • Repairing the fueling system.
  • Repairing the engine.
  • Regular car maintenance.
  • Replacing the tire and wheel alignment services.

What to Include in a Mechanic Invoice?

Every mechanic needs to give a perfect invoice to its customer for better understanding. The perfect invoice consists of the following things:

  • First, an invoice needs to have the word invoice written on it.
  • The second foremost important thing is to mention the name of the company, the person working, the company address, their contact number, and the registration number of the company.
  • The information of the client is also needed like their name and contact number.
  • Dates are also a very important element, the issue date of the invoice, the due date of the payment, and the delivery date are to be written.
  • A unique invoice number is also essential.
  • The description of the service and its charges should also be mentioned along with the total charges and information about tax.
  • It’s also essential to mention the payment methods and the information on it and how to transfer it.
Download a Free and Professional Auto-Body Mechanic Template!

An outstanding service at a car repair workshop is a wholesome blend of good customer service, technical know-how and perhaps, more importantly, a hassle-free billing process. Improve your professional outlook today by creating clear, detailed and professionally-written auto-body mechanic invoices. Get started today with our free template. All you have to do is click download and start filling away!


A mechanic invoice is very important for record-keeping of auto repair shops and for everyone who visits a mechanic. Having a mechanical invoice ensures that the finances of the business are maintained and it guarantees that you are paid right away with no delay.

Many people prefer going for an easier route which is why the CocoSign website has got a collection of Free Auto repair invoice templates at your disposal.

These catchy mechanic invoices are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your business documentation along with making them simple. CocoSign also has a variety of templates of business invoices, receipts, and letters that you can access for free.





Bill From

Name: ____________

Company Name: ______________

Street Address: _______________

City, ST ZIP Code: ______________

Phone: ________________

Bill To

Name: ________________

Company Name: ______________

Street Address: _______________

City, ST ZIP Code: ______________

Phone: ________________

Invoice No. ___________


Invoice Date: ________


Due Date: ________





Quantity / Hours

Price ($)

Total ($)











































Sales Tax







Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your business. Please send payment within ______ days of receiving this invoice. There will be a ______% per ______ on late invoices.




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