Photography Invoice

Photography Invoice

    Photography is beyond mastering camera angles and owning expensive camera gear. Without proper branding, your business might be headed for the brickwall. Up your branding game by using a professional invoicing system. A photography invoice template offers you a classy way of laying out your charges and prices to clients. Our photography invoice templates are free to download and available in the PDF and Word formats.

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Photography Invoice
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Photography Invoice

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Even if your business involves a type of artistic activity, it’s still a commercial relationship, so the client will have to receive an invoice for your services. Photography is widely used for many types of events or purposes.

Still, before receiving the final product, clients need to obtain a document that details the services provided, the individual cost per each item, the total amount they need to pay, the payment methods, and the deadline.

The photography invoice has the same general sections as any other type of invoice, and it’s meant to request the payment and be used for accounting purposes.

What Is a Photography Invoice?

Once the photography session is over, the photographer will use a photography invoice template to send the client all the relevant information they need to pay for their services.

The photography invoice is the document that lists every service the photographer has performed, how many hours they worked, and the final amount the client needs to pay.

Sometimes the client requests proof of quality before accepting the final product. In such cases, the photographer sends watermarked samples of the photos, and they only issue the invoice after the client checks them and agrees to buy the final product.

What Is the Basic Content of a Photography Invoice?

A photography invoice includes the main aspects of the transaction between the photographer and the client. To make sure the document has all the essential sections, create it using a good photography invoice template.

These are the items you need to make sure are part of the content:

  • Identifying information of the photographer: name, address, contact information.
  • Identifying information of the client: name, address, contact information.
  • A detail list of every task they have completed.
  • The billing rate of each task and the total amount that has to be paid for every task.
  • Additional costs connected to the project.
  • The subtotal, taxes, total amount the client must pay.
  • Payment terms, due date, and penalties for late payments.

How to Complete a Photography Invoice?

Filling out a photography invoice isn’t particularly difficult. However, it is vital that you pay attention to every detail and try to be as clear and specific as possible. These are the main things to keep in mind when completing a photographer invoice:

  • When you make the list of tasks you have performed, break each task down into its’ smaller parts and detail every single aspect; there’s no such thing as too many details, the client has to be able to see every little thing they are paying for.
  • Disclose the markup costs. The charge you set for the client has to be higher than just the value of the materials you use so that you can make a profit. But it’s crucial to keep the markup costs within legal and decent limits and to mention them in the photography invoice openly.
  • Usage rates must also be clearly mentioned in the invoice; these are fees that must be paid for using licensed materials.
  • Make sure you carefully review the invoice before you send it; if possible, it’s better to meet in person with the client so you can go over the bill together and explain every section.
Download a Free and Professional Photography Invoice Template Today

Your invoice should look as detailed and beautiful as your snapshots. What better way to make sure of this than using our photography invoice template? It is incredibly stylish, and a cost-effective alternative to invoicing software. Download today!


The services a photographer performs during a photo shoot, especially if it’s a significant event, are quite complex. To make sure the client is aware of every task performed, every material used, or additional charges, they need to receive a complete photography invoice.

To make sure all the essential elements are included, issue your documents using the photography invoice template from CocoSign, which is efficient and easy to use.






Bill From

Name: ____________

Company Name: ______________

Street Address: _______________

City, ST ZIP Code: ______________

Phone: ________________

Bill To

Name: ________________

Company Name: ______________

Street Address: _______________

City, ST ZIP Code: ______________

Phone: ________________

Invoice No. ___________


Invoice Date: ________


Due Date: ________






Rate ($)

Total ($)











































Sales Tax







Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your business. Please send payment within ______ days of receiving this invoice. There will be a ______% per ______ on late invoices.



Please Choose a Payment Type




Credit Card


Visa     MasterCard       Discover       American Express    


Cardholder Name ___________________________

Account/CC Number ___________________________

Expiration Date ____ /____

CVV ____

Zip Code _______


I authorize the above named business/individual to charge the credit card indicated in this authorization form according to the terms outlined above. This payment authorization is for the goods/services described above, for the amount indicated above only, and is valid for one (1) time use only. I certify that I am an authorized user of this credit card and that I will not dispute the payment with my credit card company; so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated in this form.


SIGNATURE ___________________________           DATE _____________________

                   (cardholder name)



Bank Wire

Name on Bank Account: _________________________

Street Address: _________________________

Bank Name: _________________________

Account Number: _________________________

Routing Number: _________________________

Account Type: _________________________



Email: __________________________


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