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FedEx Commercial Invoice Template

    A FedEx commercial invoice is the invoice used when transporting goods internationally via FedEx delivery service. It is used as a customs declaration for the products or goods transported by an individual, group of persons or corporation. You can draft one speedily using our easy-to-use FedEx commercial invoice template. Our templates contain fields for the harmonized codes for the goods, recipient, and other details about the product.

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FedEx Commercial Invoice Template
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FedEx Commercial Invoice Template

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International trade is growing faster, and the delivery of articles is quicker due to lesser complex documentation requirements and more straightforward custom duties. A commercial Invoice is a way of making foreign trade easier by providing the right amount of delivery/shipment information asked by authorities.

In global business, when a product is shipped, the shipper must provide the importer with a detailed commercial Invoice template along with all other shipping documentation.

Generally, a FedEx Commercial Invoice contains all necessary information to be used during the import-export process for traders, freight forwarders, importers, customs agents, and banks,

What Is FedEx Commercial Invoice?

The FedEx commercial invoice is the necessary document that is used by foreign customs agencies for all undocumented product shipments that are carried out internationally. This document must also accompany all international ground shipments.

The FedEx invoice has all the required information from major custom duties, down to the minute details and delivery information needed in global trade. One cannot clear a custom duty without showing this document as its contents are required for recording the international sale.

What Should be Included in FedEx Commercial Invoice?

  • Information of Shipper & Recipient: The first portion of the FedEx commercial template includes order number, information (Name, Complete Address, Country) of the shipper (exporter), and information (Name, Address, Country, Ultimate Destination, Waybill Number, Currency) of Buyer(importer).
  • Information on Products: The second portion of a commercial invoice contains all necessary descriptions and instructions about the products being shipped. It may include the number of packages, units of measure, total weight, and overall value according to custom rules.
  • Declaration: The last portion is called declaration pat. It is solely required by the shipper to read, affirm, and sign. It includes the confirmation of shipment, the date products were exported, and all agreed on terms and conditions of international trade.
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FedEx commercial invoice is an official document that maintains the transaction record between an exporter and an importer. It is also the most common source of information used by customs authorities to clear FedEx shipments across all international borders.

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