Resignation letter is a professional way to declare the conclusion of an employee’s services at a particular working firm. A peculiar case of a resignation letter is called as an immediate resignation letter.

This article explains the important aspects of an immediate resignation letter in detail.

What Is an Immediate Resignation Letter?

An immediate resignation letter differs from a standard resignation letter . The factor of time is the one that makes the letter of immediate resignation unique. Generally, an immediate resignation letter is required by an employee if their departure from the company is inevitable and on an emergency basis.

The optimum time period for providing a resignation letter is two weeks, but an immediate resignation letter gives the employee the liberty to include a departing time of less than two weeks. This creates the possibility of an emergency exit from the company.

An immediate resignation letter allows the employees to leave the company before the agreed-upon notice period.

What to Include in an Immediate Resignation Letter?

An immediate resignation letter has the following paramount points to be included:

  • Job Title: Include the exact title of your job in the immediate resignation letter.
  • Name of the Company: Include the complete name of the company.
  • Notice Period Length: In this section, you inform your employer with the already given notice period in your earlier resignation letter.
  • Requested Notice Period Length: This section differentiates a standard resignation letter from an immediate resignation letter. You need to mention the updated notice period that you are requesting from your employer to leave the company before the agreed notice period.
  • Last Day of Work: Include the exact date of your last day at work.
  • Reason for Resigning Earlier: This is an essential section of your immediate resignation letter and tells your employer the exact reason for demanding an early exit from the company.

How to Write An Immediate Resignation Letter?

Here are a few tips to help you write a professional immediate resignation letter:

Talk to Your Manager

It is important to have a conversation with your manager regarding an emergency exit from your company. After this conversation, you can email a formal immediate resignation letter.

Follow Appropriate Format

The immediate resignation letter is written in the format of a business letter. This shows your professional attitude and respect for the company.

Be Grateful

Always remember to keep the tone of your letter optimistic and express gratitude towards your manager for providing you with a job in the company along with valuable experience.

Date of Submission

For the sake of records, you can include the date of submission in your letter.

Add Contact Details

Add the updated contact details. This gives a positive impression that you are leaving the company on a good note and can be reached in the future.

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An immediate resignation letter is required when a person decides to exit from the company due to an emergency and the last day of work has to come before the already given notice period length.

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