When an employee needs to present resignation to a board of directors in the company, the resignation letter falls under the category of ‘Board Resignation Letters’. This article explains the various aspects of a board resignation letter in detail.

What Is a Board Resignation Letter?

A board resignation letter is used by an employee who is a member of a board of directors at a particular company and decides to step down from his position. The matter is a highly professional one so every step is taken care of to carry out the resignation process.

Here is a brief description of how to resign from a board of directors:

  • Call a Formal Meeting: The best way is to arrange a formal meeting with all the board directors and inform them about your resignation during the meeting.
  • Prepare a Resignation Letter: Write a proper resignation letter in which you address the required details according to the format.
  • Distribute the copies of the Resignation Letter: Make copies of your resignation letter and distribute it amongst the directors of the board to make sure that it is acknowledged by all.
  • Assistance in Transition: Be generous and willing to offer your services in the process of transition and train your replacement before you quit.

Tips for Writing a Board Resignation Letter

The tips for writing a perfect board resignation letter are:

Be Professional

  • Make your resignation letter meet all the standards of an official resignation letter.
  • Follow the business letter format.
  • Do not forget to provide your contact information and signature at the end of your letter.

Provide Last Working Day

  • It is essential to mention the date of your last day of work on the board resignation letter.

Reason for Resignation

  • Without delving into many details, briefly state the reason for your resignation in the letter.
  • Avoid unnecessary details and keep it concise.

Use a Grateful Tone

  • In your board resignation letter, be thankful to your employers and express gratitude for allowing you to offer your services.
  • This paves the way for a continued professional relationship, even after you resign.

Complete Remaining Work

  • Be conscientious to complete the remaining work or projects, if you have spare time before leaving the company.

What Are Included in a Board Resignation Letter?

The following components shall be included in the standard board resignation letter:


  • Add your contact information with proper formatting, font size i.e.,10 to 12, and font styles such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Helvetica.
  • Then, provide the current date and the recipient’s contact information.

Greeting or Salutation

  • Before the main body of your letter starts, address the person whom you are writing this letter to with a salutation i.e Dear [name].


  • The body of your letter includes your statement of resignation, a brief explanation of the reason for your decision to quit, and the date of your last day to work.
  • Be mindful to maintain a polite and respectful tone in this segment of the resignation letter.


  • Summarize your board resignation letter in this section and express your gratitude for having this job.
  • Mention your availability in the event of any future emergency.


  • End your resignation letter with farewell words such as “Sincerely” or “Best Wishes”.
  • Be sure to include your handwritten signature in the end, if you intend to provide a hardcopy to the members of the board.
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