A resignation letter is a declaration by an employee that he/she does not wish to work at the current workplace. Similarly, a teacher resignation letter is used to notify the administration that the teacher does not wish to teach at a certain educational institute anymore.

What Is a Teacher Resignation Letter?

A teacher resignation letter is used to signify the end of the teaching term at the particular institute. A teacher resignation letter is submitted to the administration, a board of directors, the appointed vice-chancellor, or a principal.

A teacher's letter of resignation is not so much different from a standard resignation letter but the following aspects make it unique:

  • The letter should be well written, simple, and concise.
  • You can also provide the reasons behind your resignation as concise statements or you can also keep them private.
  • If you want to communicate in a better way with the management, then you can request a direct audience before you go.
  • It's better to keep the resignation letter short and positive so that you can expect referrals in the future.

What to Include in a Teacher Resignation Letter?

The teacher resignation letter is usually written on a very definitive and well-defined pattern. The components of this pattern are as follows:


While writing a teacher’s resignation letter, know exactly who you are addressing. The salutation depends upon the relationship of the said teacher with the employer. It can be informal i.e. using the first name of the recipient or formal i.e. using the job title or last name of the recipient.

Subject Body

This is the main part of the letter. In this part, you need to include:

  • The name of the school that you are teaching.
  • Your name, designation number, service time and current teaching designation in the educational institute.
  • Brief description of your reason for resignation.
  • The sentimental value of the work experience you gained.
  • Your plans after resignation described briefly.
  • The referrals you expect out of this resignation letter.

Closing Part

It is recommended to conclude the resignation letter in a nice manner so as to make the resignation process pleasant for all the parties involved.

You can offer help in finding the replacement teacher, give suggestions for improvements, or express positive points about your term of service at the institute. Formally close the letter by signing your name at the end.

Tips for Writing a Teacher Resignation Letter

Here are a few tips for writing a resignation letter as a teacher:

Use a Humble Tone

  • You are advised to keep a professional, straight forward yet humble tone in your letter.
  • Express your gratitude to the institute for providing all the teaching opportunities provided by the institution.
  • Clearly indicate any achievements during your tenure at the institution that you may credit to your name.
  • Ask for future referrals in a clear manner.

Discuss Official Matters

  • It's completely understandable if you don’t wish to disclose your reasons for resignation in the letter.
  • You can mention either in the letter or make separate inquiries for any outstanding dues on the institution's part.
  • The letter can refer to any earlier conversions you may have had with your superintendent regarding your resignation.

General Etiquettes to the Resignation

  • Try not to time your resignation with the middle or hectic part of the educational year.
  • Time your resignation near the end of the academic year if you can.
  • Do offer help for finding the replacement or helping the resignation process.
  • Try to have a clear plan of your prospects after resignation as well.
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A teacher resignation letter is used by teachers to notify the end of their teaching term at a certain institute.

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