A registered nurse (RN) resignation letter is used by registered nurses working in the hospitals and other medical settlements, to notify the management about their decision to discontinue their services as a medical associate.

This article explains the various aspects of a registered nurse resignation letter in detail.

What Is a Registered Nurse Resignation Letter?

A registered nurse (RN) letter of resignation is used by a nurse, a medical assistant, to inform their medical facility management that he/she no longer wants to provide the services as a nurse and would like to end their term of employment.

The salient features of a registered nurse resignation letter are:

  • The nurses often hold sentimental value with their workplace because of the work they do.
  • RN resignation letters are mostly just paper formality, whereby a nurse has already announced the resignation plan.
  • These letters go a long way in the referrals that the nurse might need in their next jobs.
  • Registered nurse resignation letters follow a standard template, though not excessively formal.
  • A nurse may ask for provisions and offer help for new recruitments in the resignation letter.

What to Include in a Registered Nurse Resignation Letter?

The following key elements need to be included in the registered nurse resignation letter:

The salutation

The RN resignation letter can include an informal greeting that refers to the first name of the recipient. This adds a human touch to the resignation letter of the RN.

The body of the letter

  • The body of the letter must include the date of your resignation.
  • It is recommended to give the hospital a six to eight weeks notice period before you leave.
  • Moreover, you can discuss the various aspects of hospital duties with the management that need to be taken care of in your absence.


Write down how working at the aforementioned hospital was a real experience and the experience you've acquired was invaluable. This is the right place to show your sentiments, while you close the letter by signing in the end.

Tips for writing a Registered Nurse Resignation Letter

  • Make sure you clearly write the recipient's address, your contact information, your designation, and employee information.
  • Give a generous time bracket before leaving and offer to train the replacement.
  • Make your letter concise, easy to understand, and steer away from technical jargon.
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The registered nurse resignation letters are used by nurses when they decide to resign from their workplaces. Registered nurse resignation letters are used extensively in the medical facilities everywhere.

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