Generally, resignation letters are presented by the employee in hard copy to the manager. An email resignation letter is a form of resignation letter that is specific to peculiar circumstances. This article will explore more about its various aspects.

What Is an E-Mail Resignation Letter?

An email resignation letter is an online way to inform your manager about your quitting. It is typically used in emergency situations. These situations might include the instances where:

  • The employee has to leave the company abruptly and is not able to present a hard copy of the resignation letter to the manager in person.
  • The employee has a certain medical emergency and is not in the condition to notify the manager in person.
  • The manager is out of town.

What to Do Before You Leave the Company?

An employee spends valuable time and energy at a particular working firm, but there comes a time when he decides to conclude his services for the company. Either he leaves his current job for another one or decides to retire.

Here’s what to do before you leave the company:

  • Write Resignation Letter: Start with writing an official resignation letter in an optimistic and grateful tone.
  • Update Your Resume: Update your resume with the information on the latest projects you are working on, as you will be going to apply for a new job.
  • Exchange Contact Information: Give and receive contact information from your colleagues’ employees in case of any future assistance.
  • Recommendations: It is always a wise move to write appreciative recommendations for your colleagues and to ask them one for you too.
  • Utilize Any Unused Entitlement: Contact your HR supervisor to check if there are any unused vacation days or any entitled pay for the overtime you did while working in the company.
  • Health Insurance: Make sure that you opt for a new health insurance plan as soon as you leave your current job in order to avoid any risk.
  • Retirement Plan: In case of your retirement, scrutinize your expenses and retirement pay with the consultation of your financial advisor. Choose a suitable retirement plan for yourself.

Key Elements of an E-mail Resignation Letter

An email resignation letter is written while keeping the following key elements in mind:

  • Provide a two weeks notice.
  • Maintain a polite and grateful tone.
  • Mention the exact date of quitting.
  • Avoid delving into unnecessary details.
  • State your personal contact details.

What Is the Format of E-Mail Resignation Letter?

Here is a structural detail of an email resignation letter:

  • Provide a proper subject line for your resignation letter before you initiate your letter. The subject line must be clear and concise followed by your name. E.g. Two week’s notice - Michael Scott.
  • Kick start your resignation letter by using a Salutation such as dear Mr. or dear Ms/Mrs. Afterward, simply move on to the introduction of your resignation letter that indicates your last day of work prominently.
  • Now comes the body of your letter which includes an explanation of your argument and might include the reasons for your resignation. You can express gratitude in this part and offer assistance during the transition time period.
  • The letter must end with a proper conclusion paragraph which includes your contact information superseded by a positive ending message.
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An email resignation letter is your go-to option if any inconvenience arises for a face to face meeting with your manager. It would be an ideal move to take care of some valuable chores like a retirement plan, health insurance, and updating your CV.

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