The grant deed form is one of the most frequently used in California. It’s very similar to the warranty deed, and it’s a document that proves the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. At the same time, it provides the warranty that the grantor hasn’t already sold or encumbered the property.

The grant deed California form is one of the documents that specifically state that the seller has a clear title of the piece of real estate. Even so, a thorough title search is still advisable before issuing any type of deed.

What Is a California Grant Deed?

The California grant deed is used to transfer ownership of a real estate property from one party to another. The seller is called a grantor, and the buyer is the grantee, and they can be individuals, companies, or any type of legal organization.

The grant deed California form is very similar to the warranty deed and is frequently used for real estate transactions because of the warranty level it offers. When it comes to the guarantees it offers, the California grant deed form stands between the quitclaim deed and the warranty deed.

While the first one provides no warranty whatsoever and the last one offers a full warranty, the CA grant deed offers a middle-level warranty to the buyer. It’s a special warranty deed that only covers the period when the seller was in possession of the property, but nothing before that.

When and Why Is a Grant Deed Needed in California?

People use a grant deed in California when they buy a piece of real estate, and they want the guarantee that the seller is the valid and unique owner of the property. The primary function of this type of deed is to transfer ownership from the grantor to the grantee. But it’s also written proof that the grantor is entitled to sell.

The grant deed California form is quite popular because, compared to the quitclaim deed, it offers some level of warranty. So, it can be used even by people who want to buy from a stranger or an acquaintance they don’t know very well. However, since the grantor doesn’t provide an unlimited warranty, it’s advisable to do a thorough title search before closing the deal.

Apart from the warranty that any buyer should be concerned with, the California grant deed is also needed for registration purposes. The County Clerk’s Office will expect the new owner of the real estate property to have written proof of the transaction.

Not only do they need some type of deed, but it also has to be notarized. And out of the kinds of deeds accepted in the state of California, the grant deed form represents the middle ground and the right choice in many situations.

What Information Is Included in a California Grant Deed Form?

The grant deed form is prevalent in California and is frequently used for real estate transactions. But since these properties usually have significant prices, the grantee must make sure the document has all the relevant information, especially since it will bear the seal of a notary public.

The best way to create such a document is with a template, and the California grant deed form word we have created at CocoSign is ideal. No matter how you choose to issue it, a California grant deed must include the following elements:

  • The name and address of the preparer, the person who is creating the document
  • The name and address of the recipient of the deed, the person to whom the County Clerk will send the registered form; make sure this address is correct and complete and that it’s their actual address of residence
  • Relevant facts on property ownership: Title, Assessor’s Parcel number, and Escrow number
  • The computed transfer tax
  • The County in California where the property is located and the warranty deed is filed
  • The consideration, or the price, in USD
  • The identifying information of both the grantor and the grantee: full name and address, including County, City, and State
  • The legal description of the property
  • Names and signatures of all parties involved
  • The notary public will be in charge of the last part of the CA grant deed, and they will affix their state seal after checking all the data
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All documents recording the transfer of ownership are essential and must be issued with care. When what you are trading is a piece of real estate, the stakes are even higher, and the deed must be accurate and complete.

If you want to write an efficient grant deed California form, use the template we created at CocoSign. We have extended experience in providing excellent templates for all the documents that people frequently use.


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