Are you looking for a quick and easy way to transfer your real estate in Wisconsin? Or your uncle has just gifted you a property using a quitclaim deed and you want to dig more into what a quit claim deed Wisconsin is and what is its legal value. This article is just the right destination for you then.

What Is Wisconsin Quitclaim Deed?

Wisconsin quitclaim deed is a standard form of quitclaim deeds utilized while quickly transferring property from owner to buyer. This form outlines the basic structure of requirements.

However, additional paperwork may or may not be needed depending on the case specifications and the County of the filer. The Wisconsin Register of Deeds does not require this filing; however, if two separate individuals wish to claim some property with this form, the first filer is outweighed as per the law.

If there are any questions regarding the process, it is suggested to consult a licensed professional. Ensure that the document is filed with the Register of Deeds in the same County as the property. Situations often arise where a person claims to have a partial or incomplete right or interest in a parcel of land.

Known as a title defect, such a right or interest may arise due to an inheritance, dower, courtesy, or community property right, or to a mortgage or right of redemption because of a court-ordered foreclosure sale. Such matters can be resolved by releasing that claim to the owner through a quitclaim deed.

Everything You Need to Know about the Quitclaim Deed in Wisconsin

While filing a Wisconsin quitclaim deed, both the parties need to know that this deed completely transfers property rights from the owner to the buyer.

Wisconsin quit claim deeds are most often used when transferring property within a family or when putting property into a trust for estate planning purposes, etc. Some relevant legal requirements should be kept in view while going for a Wisconsin quit claim deed form.

  • They must always be filled in black ink.
  • Wisconsin quit claim deed must clearly recognize all parties and be signed by all of them or their respective representatives, along with the issuance of a notary acknowledgment.
  • Wisconsin quitclaim deeds must be primarily recorded with the respective County's Register of Deeds.
  • Formatting of forms is crucial. They must have ½ inch margins and a 3-inch by 3-inch blank space in the upper right-hand corner.

What Is Included in a Wisconsin Quitclaim Deed?

While filling a Wisconsin quitclaim deed, the following things must be included:

  • Starting with the essential prerequisites of Wisconsin quit claim deed, the terms "Grantor" and "Grantee" must be adequately and distinctively mentioned.
  • Next, the annotated statutes should include the parties, the land, and the interest conveyed along with any material terms or conditions.

Wisconsin quitclaim deed offers several assurances to the buyer. The wording of the quitclaim deed includes the grantor's statement to now remise, release, and quitclaim forever.

This primarily means that the quitclaim deed spells out the actions to hand over all possession, rights, or interest. If any subsequent right or interest in the property is acquired, the grantor is not obligated to convey it to the grantee.

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