The quit claim deed Georgia is the form that transfers a piece of real estate from a seller to a buyer when there is no title or proof of ownership on the seller’s part. That means that what the seller is transferring is their interest in the property, and the buyer has no guarantee that they are buying from a valid owner.

The Georgia quit claim deed may seem too risky to be worth using, but there are actually quite a few situations when it’s a good option for all the parties involved. As long as they are family members or close friends that fully trust each other, they can benefit from this form and make the transaction at a lower price.

What Is a Georgia Quit Claim Deed?

The quitclaim deed Georgia form is a legal document used to sell a piece of real estate property by someone who cannot prove they own that particular parcel; it can be because the title is missing or has a defect. It’s the written proof that the buyer agrees to the purchase fully aware of the risk involved.

More specifically, the risk is that the seller doesn’t have unrestricted interest in the property. And if a valid owner appears at some point claiming the property, the buyer cannot file a lawsuit against the buyer based on this document.

The two parties involved in the deed are called the grantor (the seller) and the grantee (the buyer). If they use the Georgia quit claim deed, the grantee doesn’t know exactly what they are buying, as the grantor doesn’t provide any proof of ownership. However, nothing is stopping the grantee from conducting a thorough title search on the property to find out what the real situation is.

When and Why Do You Need a Quit Claim Deed in Georgia?

The state of Georgia requires a Georgia quit claim deed form to be issued when a real estate transaction happens between two parties, without title or proof of ownership. It’s a particular type of deed used for situations when the buyer knows the title is missing, but they agree to the purchase anyway.

Given that this document only transfers the grantor’s interest in the property, without any proof, it’s not a good option for complete strangers. But if the grantor and the grantee closely know each other and there is a high level of trust involved, the quit claim deed form Georgia can be beneficial. As a result, this deed is mostly used by family members.

These are the situations when the quit claim deed Georgia form is usually used:

  • For purchase between parents and children or between siblings
  • To add or remove a spouse from the title as a result of marriage or divorce
  • To leave property to a family member without the hassle and costs of a will
  • To buy from a close acquaintance when you know the history of the property, and you trust them enough to buy without proof of ownership

How to Get a Georgia Quit Claim Deed?

The best way to issue a Georgia quit claim deed is with a template to make sure all the relevant information is included; you can get a quit claim deed Georgia form free online, at CocoSign we have excellent options for you. Regardless of how you choose to write it, these are the elements any Georgia quit claim deed form must include:

  • Full name and address of the preparer, the person creating the document
  • Full name and exact address of the mail recipient, the person who will receive the registered document by mail, from the County Clerk; that’s usually the grantee
  • The county where the real estate property is located
  • The price of the property, using the expression ‘in consideration of the sum of’
  • The identifying information of both the grantor and the grantee: full name and address of residence, including County, City, and State
  • The location of the property and the Legal Description, as it is shown in the books in the state of Georgia
  • Names and signatures of all the parties involved, including witnesses
  • The notary public has to fill the last part of the document and use their state seal

Once signed and notarized, the Georgia quit claim deed must be registered, and the registration fees need to be paid.

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The quit claim deed Georgia form is an excellent option if a family in the state of Georgia wants to transfer a real estate property from one member to another. In cases like this, the purchase can be made in the absence of the title; since no warranty is provided, it’s all based on trust.

The Georgia quit claim deed is still a formal document that also needs to be notarized, so it has to be issued with care. The best way to make sure your quitclaim deed is accurate is with the template we have created at CocoSign. Our offer includes a large variety of templates, and they are all reliable and user-friendly.


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