Oklahoma Quit Claim Deed Form is an official document aimed to transfer the property’s interest in Oklahoma from one party to another. This legal document helps in case of any claims to the property in the future.

Here we will provide all the information about Oklahoma quitclaim deed, its importance, and all the requirements you need to fulfill for an authentic quitclaim deed. Just continue with us, and you will get all you need to know by the end of the article.

What is an Oklahoma Quit Claim Deed?

A Quitclaim Deed is explicitly used by a Grantor to transfer ownership of a property to a Grantee or the buyer. The Granter (seller) and Grantee (buyer) can be one or more. If we make a quitclaim deed for a property in Oklahoma, we call it an Oklahoma quitclaim deed.

When Do You Need a Quit Claim Deed in Oklahoma?

You will need a quitclaim deed in Oklahoma anytime you aim to transfer interests of the property present in that area from one party to another. Once the document is duly registered, it will help you in all the official affairs and avoid any ambiguity in the future.

However, this form does not authenticate the title of the real estate. Before buying, you need to dig deep into the details to know if any other person has a claim to the property and the related stuff. Once you think everything is okay, you can simply rely on this versatile document for all the interest transfer.

What Should Be Included in Oklahoma Quit Claim Deed?

You need to add all the information of the buyer and seller along with the property under the deal. Moreover, notarization and document submission is also necessary. Here is the pattern you can follow while filling Oklahoma quit claim deed.

Location of Both the Parties

Clearly input the location of both the parties involved, i.e., you must be sure about the residence and identity of the Mail recipient and the document preparer.

Country Information

In the main body, add country information and highlight it.

Amount On Which Both The Parties Agreed Upon:

Now, here comes the part in which you need to be most vigilant. You need to input the information first in words rather than in numbers, too (it is the same as filling your bank cheque!).

Grantor Information:

Now, input Grantor (seller) information duly and write in the bold letter the word “Grantor’ in front of his name. Input the address and other information as ZIP code etc. in this section.

Grantee Information:

Next, fill in all the personal details of the Grantee or buyer of the property.

Property Information:

This section must have all the information about the property being transferred, such as:

  • The complete location of the property.
  • All the legal description of the property as given in the Property deed form. Please ensure the complete details are duly filled in this section.


Add the signature of Grantor in the next section. Make sure to add the signature of all the participants in case of more than one Grantor. In this section, along with signature, you need to put printed address information again with country name, city, state, and postal code (ZIP code).


Notarization is the most crucial step before form submission. On the other way round, the document cannot be used in legal proceedings.

The Notary Public will authenticate all the information provided and also input the date of the agreement. He will then include his information containing ID number, a Notary stamp, and the commission expiry date.

Visit Oklahoma County Clerk:

Finally, you need to contact the Oklahoma County Clerk present in the area where the property is found. You need to submit all the documents and any other attachments to the Country Clerk’s office.

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Oklahoma quit claim deed is necessary if you need to transfer interest in any property in Oklahoma. It releases you from any future problems and irrelevant claims.

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