In Washington State, “Quit Claim deed” is used for documentation of conveyance of real property, without warranties. The document acts as a legal binding to the parties, but no guarantees are given by the grantor to the grantee (Grantor is the person who's transferring the title to another person called as grantee).

The form is non-covenant and doesn't give any assurance about the transfer of permanent ownership to the buyer.

What Is a Washington Quit Claim Deed?

The “Washington Quit-Claim”, also known as “non-warranty deed”, is a legal document that ensures the non-guaranteed transaction of any property within the state of Washington.

In all states of the USA, the transfer of a property is done through the process of filling the deed. A quitclaim is the same as other deed forms, except that it doesn't provide any future warranties of property claims.

When Do You Need a Quitclaim Deed in Washington?

There are many circumstances when a person may need a quit claim deed in Washington. For example:

  • When gifting the real property to any member of the family.
  • When giving the property to an ex-spouse after a divorce.
  • After quitting interest in the property.
  • When you are transferring the ownership to a trust.
  • Changing the grantee's name or spellings in the title, in case they come wrong in the original title of the property.
  • When changing the tenancy details, as happens after marriage.

What Information Is Included in a Washington Quit-Claim Deed?

There are some requirements before filling out the deed.

A “cover sheet” is required and must be placed on the top of the Quit-Claim deed. The cover sheet is filled and signed by the party that's submitting the form. It includes information like Return Address, Titles of Document, Reference Numbers of Documents, Full Name of all Grantors, Legal Description, and the Assessor's Account Number.

Then we proceed to the Quitclaim form itself. It includes:

“Prepared By” Section:

The top section of a Washington Quit Claim deed includes all the basic details of the person who prepared for the document. The information includes name, address, state, and zip code.

“After Recording Return To” Section:

In this section, the grantee states where he/she wants the Washington County Auditor to send completed paperwork. It includes the designation “Name”, “Address”, “State”, and “Zip Code”. It also includes “Tax Parcel ID number”.

Quit Claim deed Statement:

According to Washington State Law, this section must include the following:

  • The grantor's and the grantee's legal information is stated at the top of the statement.
  • The legal information (Lot number, Section number, and the day property began at) and pricing of the property are also written within the body of the statement.
  • Then the grantor states that he is going to transfer the title to the grantee, given the complete location and price of the property, and from now on the title belongs to its new owner.
  • The printed names along with signatures of the grantor, grantee, and two witnesses are stated below the body of the statement. It also includes mailing addresses of tax bills, along with addresses of grantor and grantee.

Notary's Statement:

The general information and legal statement, along with the name and signature of a notary public are written below the body of the deed form. It is the last part of the deed form.

The original copy of the deed form must be filed with “Recorder of the deeds” with the clerks of the court having jurisdiction where the property is located.

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Washington quit claim deed is an important document used for quick and easy transfer of property but without any warranty. Although it is a little risky, yet a quit claim deed has many benefits like there are no significant requirements to process this form e.g. clearance from all previous claims and taxes, etc.

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