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General Warranty Deed Form

    A general warranty deed form template is the most common and effortless way to transfer your real estate property. However, it is no surprise that the flowery text of the warranty deed form template can trouble many. Therefore, we present a free warranty deed form template crafted especially for everybody's convenience. Moreover, we have provided instructions at every step to help you complete the form.

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General Warranty Deed Form
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General Warranty Deed Form

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General warranty deed forms are the most convenient type of deed, especially from the buyer’s point of view. The warranty deed is issued for real estate transactions when the seller can provide the title. It’s the document that offers the highest level of safety for the buyer, who can rest assured they are buying from a valid owner.

The warranty in the form refers to the entire history of the property and includes all past owners. It is written proof that the grantee is getting a piece of real estate with a clean title.

What Are the Types of Warranty Deeds?

There are two types of warranty deed forms, the general warranty deed, and the special warranty deed. They both offer some level of warranty to the buyer, but the difference is in the period to which the warranty refers. The general warranty deed covers the whole history of the property and all the previous owners.

When signing a general warranty deed, the grantee gets the guarantee that the title of the property exists and that every past transaction concerning the ownership of that particular property was done correctly. They know the title has no defect and that they are buying from the right and complete owner.

The special warranty deed, on the other hand, states that the grantor only offers a warranty for the period when the piece of real estate was in their physical possession. They offer no guarantees when it comes to issues connected to previous owners. So, while it is definitely better than a quitclaim deed, the special warranty deed provides less security than the general one.

Our General Warranty Deed Form Template: Warranty Of Your Convenience

Save and edit our warranty deed form pdf template to rescue yourself from the nuisance around the real estate sale and purchase.

Here is the option to download a free template.

When and Why Is a General Warranty Deed Needed?

Any type of real estate transaction can be made with a general warranty deed, as it offers the highest level of warranty to the buyer. But it’s particularly useful when the two parties are complete strangers, and there is no level of trust between them.

The last thing you would want to do is buy a piece of real estate from a stranger and later discover they weren’t actually entitled to sell. General warranty deed forms are needed for real estate transactions between strangers in any US state. The general warranty deed not only offers all the guarantees the grantor needs, but it’s also necessary for registration purposes.

It’s the document that mentions all the relevant details of the transactions and all the crucial identifying information. Once signed, the grantee must use the general warranty deed at the County Clerk’s Office for registration.

Who Needs a General Warranty Deed?

There are two parties involved in any deed, the grantor, or the seller, and the grantee, or the buyer. With general warranty deed forms, it’s the grantee that needs and most benefits from the document. It offers the type of warranty anyone would need when buying real estate property from someone they don’t know.

The general warranty deed isn’t only used between complete strangers. It’s a good option any time you don’t fully trust the person you want to buy from, even if it’s an acquaintance or a relative, or if they are honest but cannot provide the title. This is what the general warranty deed guarantees:

  • That the piece of real estate hasn’t already been sold to someone else
  • That the grantor is a valid owner and has the right to sell it
  • In the case of multiple owners, the deed specifies the exact portion of the interest that is transferred to the grantee
  • The seller guarantees that they will handle any possible claim that may appear in the future concerning the ownership and that they will reimburse the grantee, if necessary
  • The warranty deed form clearly mentions that any debts connected to the property will be paid by the seller, not the buyer
  • The grantee has the certainty that the actual property matches the legal description

What Information Is Included in the General Warranty Deed Form?

These are the elements all general warranty deed forms must include:

  • The name and address of the preparer
  • The name and address of the person who will receive the deed once it’s registered
  • The State and County where the property is located and the deed is issued
  • The price, or consideration
  • The identifying information of the grantor and the grantee: full name and address of residence
  • The legal description of the property
  • Names and signature of all parties involved, including witnesses
  • The notary public handles the last part of the deed and affixes their state seal
Our General Warranty Deed Form Template: Warranty Of Your Convenience

Save and edit our warranty deed form pdf template to rescue yourself from the nuisance around the real estate sale and purchase.

Here is the option to download a free template.


A warranty deed is a document you need to use when you are buying a piece of real estate property from someone you don’t know or trust because it offers the necessary guarantees. If possible, use the general warranty deed, as the guarantees it provides are unlimited.

Since it’s such an important document, it’s crucial to include all the relevant information. So, the best way to write it is with an efficient template, like the one we provide at CocoSign. All the templates we offer are easy to use and extremely helpful.

Florida Quit Claim Deed FAQs

  • What is the ‘title’?

    The title of property mentions who the real owner is and gives them the right to sell it.

  • What are encumbrances in the warranty deed?

    Encumbrances are interests in a title or a property. The most common examples are mortgages, unpaid taxes, liens, or pending legal challenges. You can transfer the title even if they exist, but the grantee must be aware of them, and the grantor remains responsible for clearing them.

  • What is the consideration in warranty deed forms?

    The consideration is the price, the dollar amount that the grantee must pay in exchange for the real estate property.

  • Where can I get the legal description of the property, for the warranty deed?

    To get the legal description, you need to go to the County Recorder’s Office.

  • Can I give my property to someone as a gift using a general warranty deed?

    Yes, the general warranty deed can be used in this situation. But even if it’s a gift, you still need to write a symbolic amount on the document, usually $10.00. The consideration is a mandatory field for registration.


Prepared By


Name: _____________________________

Address: ___________________________


State: _____________ Zip Code: ________


After Recording Return To


Name: _____________________________

Address: ___________________________


State: _____________ Zip Code: ________



Space Above This Line for Recorder’s Use




STATE OF ____________________


____________________ COUNTY



KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That for and in consideration of the sum of

___________________________ ($__________________) in hand paid to _____________________, a _________________, residing at ___________________, County of ___________, City of _______________, State of _______________ (hereinafter known as the “Grantor(s)”) hereby grants, warrants, and conveys to _____________________, a _________________, residing at ___________________, County of ___________, City of _______________, State of _______________ (hereinafter known as the “Grantee(s)”) the following *described real estate (*and in Exhibit A if attached), situated in ___________ County, _______________ to-wit:





TOGETHER WITH all the rights, members and appurtenances to the Real Estate in anywise appertaining or belonging thereto.



TO HAVE AND TO HOLD, the tract or parcel of land above described together with all and singular the rights, privileges, tenements, appurtenances, and improvements unto the said Grantees, their heirs and assigns forever.

And said Grantors, for said Grantors, their heirs, successors, executors and administrators, covenants with Grantees, and with their heirs and assigns, that Grantors are lawfully seized in fee simple of the said Real Estate; that said Real Estate is free and clear from all Liens and Encumbrances, except as hereinabove set forth, and except for taxes due for the current and subsequent years, and except for any Restrictions pertaining to the Real Estate of record in the Probate Office of said County; and that Grantors will, and their heirs, executors and administrators shall, warrant and defend the same to said Grantees, and their heirs and assigns, forever against the lawful claims of all persons.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Grantor has executed and delivered this General Warranty Deed under seal as of the day and year first above written.



________________________________            ________________________________

Grantor’s Signature                                             Grantor’s Signature

________________________________            ________________________________

Grantor’s Name                                                   Grantor’s Name

________________________________            ________________________________

Address                                                               Address

________________________________            ________________________________

City, State & Zip                                                  City, State & Zip


In Witness Whereof,


________________________________            ________________________________

Witness’s Signature                                             Witness’s Signature

________________________________            ________________________________

Witness’s Name                                                   Witness’s Name

________________________________            ________________________________

Address                                                                Address

________________________________            ________________________________

City, State & Zip                                                   City, State & Zip






STATE OF ___________________)


COUNTY OF ___________________)



I, the undersigned, a Notary Public in and for said County, in said State, hereby certify


that ______________________________ whose names are signed to the foregoing instrument, and who is known to me, acknowledged before me on this day that, being informed of the contents of the instrument, they, executed the same voluntarily on the day the same bears date.


Given under my hand this ____ day of ____________________, 20___.



Notary Public


My Commission Expires: ______________



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