While credit cards and online payments are definitely more popular nowadays, sometimes people still choose to pay cash. Cash receipts are crucial for the financial balance, making sure all the money the business has received in exchange for products or services is registered.

If your company accepts cash payments, it must also be able to offer the physical proof that the payment was received. The best way to create a cash receipt is by using an efficient cash receipt template.

On the other hand, if you are the client that has paid cash for a product, you must make sure you get and carefully keep the cash receipt, as you may need it for warranty issues, to show when and how you paid for that product.

What Is a Cash Receipt?

When a client uses physical currency to pay for a product or a service, the company they buy from has to issue a proof of the payment.

The cash receipt is the document that compensates for the lack of electronic evidence in a cash transaction, and it’s released in two copies, one for each side involved in the transaction.

The seller needs the cash receipt form to keep track of their sales and avoid inventory or tax problems. As for the person or business making the payment, in some cases, they could also need the cash receipt for deduction purposes.

When Should You Issue a Cash Receipt?

All cash registers must be able to issue a cash receipt every time a cash payment is made. They will help the buyer have the proof that they paid for what they bought, and the seller will have to use them for the daily and monthly records.

As for how to issue a cash receipt, you can choose from electronic and handwritten documents. There are built-in printers that can help you release a cash receipt form, or you can send them to your clients by email.

It all depends on your particular situation, but one way or another, a cash receipt has to be issued for every cash payment.

What Information Should a Cash Receipt Contain?

The best way to draft a correct cash receipt is by using a good cash receipt template; that way, all the relevant information will be included. These are the elements all cash receipt forms must include:

  • Identify your company as the recipient of the payment, and write the identification information: company name, address, phone, fax, email, website.
  • The date and the amount that was paid.
  • The identification information of the person or company making the payment.
  • A ‘For payment of’ section, where you mention the product or the service that was sold.
  • In case the payment isn’t made all at once, you need to mention this by using the following sections: total amount due, amount paid, remaining balance.
  • The name and the authorized signature of the employee that has received the payment.
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Commerce isn’t always based on credit cards and online payments. Not everybody uses their smartphones to pay for products and services. Many times, people choose to pay cash, and that’s when the seller is forced to issue proof that they received the money.

The cash receipt is the document that testifies that cash was accepted in exchange for what was sold. If you have a cash register, you need to issue cash receipts, and the best way to create them is by starting from a great cash receipt template on CocoSign .

Cash Receipt FAQs

Are cash receipts revenue?

Yes, when you sell products or services, the cash receipts you issue are usually considered operating revenue. However, certain cash receipts aren’t revenue, and when you are drafting your income statement, you must make sure you differentiate them.

Generally speaking, not all cash receipts are revenue. For instance, if you borrow cash from the bank, you get a receipt, but it’s neither revenue.

Is there a limit to cash transactions?

Yes, if the cash transaction is over $10,000, you must report it to the IRS by completing a form. The government took this measure to avoid tax evasion, money laundering, and other types of illegal activities.

What is a cash receipts journal?

The cash receipts journal is an accounting tool, a journal where you register all the cash payments you have received and the product or service related to every transaction.

How to accept cash payment?

Cash payment is usually accepted when the goods are delivered at the same time the payment is made, but there are exceptions. Once the buyer and the seller agree on the terms of the sale, they can instantly make a deal. Then it’s mandatory to issue a cash receipt.

How do I create a cash receipt?

If you don’t want to waste a lot of time drafting your cash receipt, but at the same time you want it to be complete and accurate, you need an excellent cash receipt template. You can try the free cash receipt form from CocoSign.


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