The hotel receipt records the bill that has been paid by the guest. It serves as proof that a guest has paid for the accommodation and other services

This includes relevant information like room rate, payment, duration of stay, number of guests, type of accommodation, complimentary breakfast, parking guests, mini-bar, food service, etc. The receipt may be used by a franchise, private hotel, inn, or any other housing rent.

What Is a Hotel Receipt?

A hotel receipt is an official document issued by hotels to record the transactions of their business. These receipts usually contain basic information about the transaction like the total payable amount, what services did the guest receive, some personal information of guests, the hotel signature, etc.

Different hotel receipts may differ in appearance but the content is typically the same as mentioned above.

What Are the Elements of Hotel Receipt?

Introductory Part

In this part, basic information about the hotel is provided, usually on top-right. It includes serial number, date, and hotel name, address, and contact number. It is made and filled by the manager.

Guest Info

The information regarding the guest(s) is stated in this section, below the intro part. It includes the guest’s name, phone number, address, and the organization he/she belongs to. It may also include the reasons stated by the guest to use hotel services.

Transaction and Services History

Every hotel client needs a product of the contributing items to the final amount they paid. Satisfying this goal will require filling out a basic table set to the center of the receipt.

The whole transaction history, provided with all sorts of charges along with their description, is given in a table containing items on the left bars and their subsequent bill on the right bars.

Additional columns may be established that include room numbers used, additional charges, or other things. The total may be subcategorized into ‘Hotel charges and Sales tax etc.’ and is provided at the bottom.

Details of Payment

The detail of the amount paid by the client is stated below the table. It includes payment method, cheque/card number, and bank account name.

Feedback Section

Hotel personnel may also add a feedback section that is filled by the client. It includes remarks by the client for overall services, or suggestions to improve (if any). A signature bar is added below for the client’s signature and the date.

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