Nowadays, most people rely heavily on the activity of couriers and messenger services to get things delivered rapidly. But every one of these deliveries needs proof that the package was safely received and also paid for.

That’s why once they pay, the receiver gets a delivery receipt. The document is essential for both parties; the person who delivered it needs it to keep track of the money they charged and the deliveries they completed that day, and the receiver has proof that they paid for the package.

What Is a Delivery Receipt?

The delivery receipt is one of the most common types of receipts people use every day. It’s a short document that proves you paid for the package you have received.

Such a delivery receipt form will be issued for any delivery, whether you receive food, documents, equipment, or even animals. The delivery person is in charge of issuing the delivery receipt, and they won’t give it to you until you make the payment.

What Are the Basic Elements of a Delivery Receipt?

While it may look like a pretty simple document, the delivery receipt is, in fact, essential. It is the written proof that the delivery service completed their task, and the client paid for the package before receiving it.

If you order something and then have some warranty issues with that object, you will need the delivery receipt to prove that you paid for it before having it fixed or replaced.

That’s why the delivery receipt should be drafted with a lot of attention, using a delivery ticket template to make sure it’s complete. These are the basic elements every delivery receipt template includes:

  • The identification information of the company issuing the receipt including company name, address, phone, fax, email, and website.
  • The date.
  • The receipt number.
  • The description of the items that have been delivered.
  • The recipient of the delivery including name, address, phone number.
  • The payment method: cash, credit card, check, or another method.
  • The delivery charge.
  • Tax information.
  • The total amount due.
  • Any comments the client may want to mention.
  • Name and signature of the recipient.
  • The signature of the person who made the delivery.
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The delivery receipt is an essential document in most commercial activities, as most people turn to delivery services nowadays, no matter what they are buying. So, the delivery receipt form must be created and filled with a lot of attention.

The best way to create such a document is by using an efficient delivery receipt template, like the one offered by CocoSign. We develop excellent templates for all types of businesses, including a great delivery ticket template.


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