A reprimand is a word of warning which employers issue to employees in case of poor performance, consistent violation of office rules, or any other work-related problems. The admonition is widely used in corporate sectors, just as the write up form and complaint form, and as it is an initial warning, the employees can improve their performance and turn it into a favorable situation. Let's learn what an employee reprimand form is, things to include in a reprimand form, and when to use such form.

What is an Employee Reprimand Form?

Employee Reprimand Form is also known as a 'Letter of Reprimand', 'Employee Reproach Form', or 'Employee Warning Form'. It is a basic template that allows you to fill in the pre-requisite details and hand over a written reprimand to the employee. The primary purpose is to define the details of a violation and disciplinary actions that would be taken against the employee. The employer should reprimand the employees when there's a breach of office rules.

What to Include in an Employee Reprimand Form?

Here is the list of all the necessary components that a letter of reprimand templates should have:

● Full name of the employee

● Employee Id

● Work location or Department

● Date and place of violation of rules

● Any previous incident regarding the same issue

● Description of the violation

● Details of disciplinary action taken against the employee

● Descriptions of corrective actions that the employee should take

● Employees signature, name, and date

When to Use an Employee Reprimand Form?

Here is a step-by-step guide to serving reprimand forms

Speak with the employee first.

Before initiating a written reprimand, it is advisable to speak with the employee first privately. Even a good employee may not have an idea about his/her inappropriate behavior or poor performance at work. Speaking with the employee first allows the employer to explain to the employees about the violation of rules. It can help the employee be more careful and take the necessary steps to prevent the issue from escalating.

Send the employee a written reprimand

If the employee violates the rules again even after the verbal warning, it's time to take disciplinary actions by sending the employee a written notice.

Mention constructive feedback for the employee 

Once the collection of all the relevant details of the employee's disciplinary action, the employer or concerned authority should provide valuable feedback.

Take the signature of the employee upon serving the employee reprimand form

The employees must understand the severity of the issue. Their signatures on the employee reprimand form ensure that they accept their inappropriate behavior and agree to comply with the corrective feedback.

Different types of discipline methods

There are different types of discipline methods that you can use with an employee reprimand form. Remember one thing; all disciplinary processes have one common objective, i.e., to meet a goal or benchmark.

Progressive discipline: 

When an employee repeats the same mistake even after reminders, a step-by-step disciplined approach is used. It is a process where you increase the level of seriousness of employee's discipline at the workplace. It is a punitive approach where the employer fires the employee immediately.

Performance improvement: 

It is a rehabilitative approach where the employer is concerned about fixing a problem rather than termination. Here the employees need to undertake training sessions to improve their skills and enhance their performance at work.

Reassignment or suspension: 

This type of approach is usually used when there's a behavioral issue of employees at the workplace. In this approach, the employee is suspended but not issued the termination letter. The employee needs to take rehabilitative or retraining sessions and have to meet the desired goals to get the suspension revoked. If the employee is unable to achieve the set goals, he/she can be terminated immediately.

Key Considerations of an Employee Reprimand Form 

  • Don't write the reprimand when you are angry
  • Collect all the details and document the problem
  • Use the predefined policy of your company to back your claims
  • Include any proofs or document the statements of the witness
  • Hand-over the written reprimand in person
  • Take necessary follow-ups if required

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