What is an Employee Counselling Form?

The employee counseling form serves as a guide and helps to document the employee counseling session. The employee counseling session is a one-on-one meeting of a supervisor with an employee about certain aspects of his performance. The session isn't conducted to bog down the employee but boosts this morale. This session can be regarding the completion or failure of a particular task, the habit of an employee, or his overall performance in the company.

Employee counseling form is a pre-prepared form that helps both supervisor and employee to discuss key points and not deviate from the objective of the discussion/session.

What to Include in an Employee Counselling Form?

The information you draft in your employee counselling form depends on the department you are working in along with your job description. Here are some of the things you should include while drafting one:

  • The employee and their reviewing manager’s necessary information
  • The evaluation date along with the review period
  • A rating system that is easy to translate and understand
  • Future goals and objectives
  • Additional comments
  • Past evaluation comparisons

Why Are Employee Counselling Form Forms Important?

Every year performance development planning and appraisal meetings are carried out in nearly every organization. Employee counseling helps in employee retention after making the employee aware of his past performance in the company.

This also helps to improve the performance of the company by removing barriers and shortcomings among both management and employees.

The session also helps individuals analyze their true potential. Employers create a plan for the individual, direct action, and coach effectively.

Provide a chance to boost the morale and confidence of an employee; as a result, this helps employees increase their accountability in the company.

The employee counselling form also helps employees to think and plan their future in the organization. This gives them a roadmap for their next big opportunity, salary hikes, increments, and promotions. They understand their current contribution and desired level of contribution to achieve their personal and career goals.

Tips on How to Complete a Employee Counselling Form

  • Always be specific and provide crisp figures and facts.
  • Take sufficient time to work on your counseling sheet as it will help you to gather all the necessary information you need.
  • Review the job description and identify all the duties you have excelled in.
  • Always bear your organizational goals in mind – remember that when the organization grows, you grow with it.
  • Using the STAR method will still help you make your employee counseling form neat and crisp.
  • Always include your additional achievements to showcase that you have exceeded your organization's expectations.
  • Always define your future goals and identify your improvement areas.


Drafting counselling forms is a time-consuming process, and doing it physically can take up a lot of time.

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