Organizations around the world are beginning to realize how vital employee retention is, and are enforcing newer ways to achieve higher retention rate. Employee complaint forms as well as other forms such as employee write up and disciplinary action forms are one of the most significant ways to do so.

With newer reforms taking place, it is challenging to keep track of formal complaints from employees. By employing CocoSign, preserving a record of the same will become a breeze.

But first, let’s understand this entire concept and how CocoSign can help you deal with it.

What Is an Employee Complaint Form?

An employee complaint form is a document that enables employees to submit their grievances relating to various activities taking place within the organizational premises.

These may include harassment, misconduct or even illegal activities taking place without anybody’s notice.

What to Include in an Employee Complaint Form?

A formal employee complaint form should be structuralized and factual – it should state every detail objectively and state crisp and to the point information.

It should contain the name, employee ID, employee signature, department, details of the supervisor, and the dates on which the particular issues started occurring. It should also state whether the employee has discussed it with any third party and the reasons behind doing or not doing so.

Along with this information, the employee should mention the parties involved and the desired resolution if any.

When to Use an Employee Complaint Form?

There are various instances when an employee complaint can be lodged. A grievance may occur due to multiple reasons like policy violations, working conditions or management.

At first, employees should try resolving their issues with the reviewing managers. In case they fail to derive a proper resolution regarding the same, it is then that an employee can opt for an hr complaint form.

Employees may resort to this step when -

  • they haven’t received the entire salary,
  • they witness a lack of discipline in the organization,
  • they have been harassed by someone within the confinements of their workplace,
  • when someone misconducts at their workplace,
  • when any sort of sexual molestation takes place,
  • they witness someone purposely breaking a rule, and
  • they see someone indulging in fraudulent activities.

Types of Employee Complaint Forms

Some of the most common complaint forms include

  • Classified employee complaint form,
  • Civil service employee complaint form,
  • Harassment complaint form,
  • Employee complaint investigation form,
  • Employee contract complaint form,
  • Employee internal complaint form,
  • Covered employee complaint form,
  • Employee behaviour complaint form,
  • Public employee complaint form, and
  • Employee complaint concern form.


CocoSign offers numerous employee form templates to choose from. This makes it all the more convenient to use this platform as it gives you the liberty to shuffle between models and choose as per your requirement.

Using CocoSign is also going to make it easier to resolve grievances within the organization, which will, in turn, increase productivity as well.


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