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CocoSign’s Google Signature is a simple 3-step online signing process. Open your file, add an eSignature, and save it! With Google Drive, CocoSign synchronizes your files on the go.

Custom Style & Design

You can create a customized CocoSign’s Google signature as your unique digital identity. There are several options that allow you to customize and design your eSignature. You can upload an image, choose from template and font style, or draw your signature.

Streamline Your Workflow

Enjoy a more streamlined and smooth workflow with Google Electronic Signature! There is no need to send the files back and forth. Keep your files in the Drive and let the signatories sign with ease.

Time & Cost-Efficient

Don’t waste time and money by switching between different software and hardware. Choose the time and cost-efficient CocoSign’s eSignature solution! Synchronize CocoSign with your Google account and boost your productivity while keeping the costs low.

Highly Secured

CocoSign’s Google Signature is highly protected and in accordance with the standard eSignature requirements. Hence, these electronic signatures are considered safe, secure, and enforceable in most countries across the globe.

Fast & Simple

Google Signatures are easy and fast! Rid off the trouble of uploading, signing, and downloading the file. Insert the target file URL directly in the upload box and add your CocoSign eSignature. See your Google Drive updated with the new file!

What Are Google Signatures?

Google Signatures are the electronic signatures inserted in your Google documents online. You can use a reliable document signer such as CocoSign to add the Google Signature.

CocoSign eSignature services seamlessly integrate with Google Apps to enhance your productivity. Sign in to CocoSign with your Google account so that the files get synchronized and accessible.

After signing in, enter the document URL and add an electronic signature as needed. Your CocoSign’s Google Signature is unique and customized as per your needs. The signed document is automatically updated in Google Drive.

You can add eSign to your Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and Forms. Similarly, you can quickly add the Google Signature to the email attachments sent to your Gmail account.

The Google Signature coupled with the digital signature signifies the authenticity of your documents. A verified signature means that the document was not altered after the signatory signed it.

It is important to note that Google does not explicitly offer ‘Google Signatures’. Instead, you can use a trusted and market-leading tool such as CocoSign tool to fulfill the purpose.

Why You Should Use a Google Signature?

Here are a few reasons why you should starting using Google Signature:

Professional Outlook

You might be using the regular signature at the end of your emails, but adding a Google Signature gives an entirely different impression. When you sign your documents with an electronic signature, it portrays your image as a professional and reliable individual.

Add eSignature Directly to the Documents in Drive

As a matter of fact, Google provides a suite of apps to boost productivity in the modern office environment. Often, you collaborate with team members using Google Drive suite including Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Drawings.

You don’t need to bother about downloading your files, printing them, signing them, scanning and sending them back to your team. Instead, you can simply add your electronic signature to your files directly in the Drive.

Validates Authenticity of Documents

Google signature provides authenticity to your documents. A verified signature means your document is authentic and received without any tampering.

No Need to Upload & Download

Get rid of the effort to download and upload files. Your CocoSign account synchronizes with your Google Account. This implies that the files are synchronized automatically. Get your CocoSign account today and start adding Google Signature to your files with ultimate ease!

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