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How to Sign Word Online

1. Drag & drop Word File

Drag and drop the word file in the upload area above or click on the upload button to select the Word file from the computer. A preview of the Word document will be available.

2. Sign Word File

Click the area where the signature is to be added, choose a signature type, and create an electronic signature. It will be added in the document.

3. Download Word File

Save the changes and click on ‘Download’ to download the file in Word format with an electronic signature protected with SSL encryption.

eSign Word Documents From Anywhere

Easy Send And Sign

CocoSign allows signing documents with a tap and sending them with another tap. There are no lengthy processes involved.

Collect All the Details You Need

CocoSign offers a variety of agreement templates to provide for any information or structure that is needed. There is no requirement for researching any additional details anywhere else.

Sign Word, Document, PDF, And Excel

Sign any document regardless of format and without any conversion tools. CocoSign supports Word documents, PDF files, and Excel spreadsheets.

eSign the Way You Like

With CocoSign, there are multiple ways to sign a document. Type in the name and choose a suggested signature, draw a signature through the mouse or trackpad, or draw your signature on a paper, scan it and upload it to CocoSign.

Secure And Reliable

CocoSign uses SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) which is the foremost encryption protocol used by all major service providers. It is resilient to any cyber attacks to make sure all the personal data and e-signature are protected digitally.

Quick And Convenient

Using CocoSign is a piece of cake. Upload the file that needs to be signed, choose your signature, and CocoSign provides you with a digitally protected signed document. There is no need for any prior knowledge or added applications.

What Is the Use of Electronic Signature in Word?

Traditionally, documents needed to be physically mailed to another person in order to have them signed. Otherwise, both parties signed a document in physical presence together.

Since most of the business processes have shifted online, following conventional methods to sign a document can be a bottleneck in the process. Using electronic signature in word files opens up doors for a wide array of benefits and possibilities. Some of these include:

  • Two parties can sign on a contract or a deal online, without the need to meet physically.
  • Documents can be stored digitally without the need to print them out.
  • There is significant time saved by eliminating processes like setting up a business meeting, document organisation, and more.

More and more people are shifting to a remote working environment rather than working through an office. Businesses are becoming global and team members commonly use work from home.

The facility of electronic signature is the most convenient way to ensure business follows as usual. It has the security of traditional wet signatures made by pen and ink, combined with the convenience of doing it through the internet.

How to Insert a Signature in a Word Document?

Here are the step-by-step guidelines for creating a signature in word files using CocoSign:

Step 1: Uploading the Word File

There are multiple ways to upload the Word file that needs to be signed. The primary way to do it is to drag and drop the file directly in the field provided. This can be done by opening the file folder in a separate document browser window.

Alternatively, files can be chosen manually through their location by clicking on the ‘Choose File’ option. Once the Word document is uploaded, a preview of the document will be available.

Step 2: Choosing the Edits

CocoSign is a full-fledged tool that offers multiple edits for signing documents, filling forms, and any other official need. These edits include adding signature, date, text, or the initials. Choose the type of edits that should be added to the document.

Step 3: Create a Free Electronic Signature

In the document preview, hover the mouse over the area where the signature needs to be added. Click the mouse button and the ‘Signature’ option will be available. Click on it.

Then there are three options available to add an electronic signature. The first option is to create an e-signature using the mouse or trackpad digitally.

The second alternative is to draw the sign on a paper, scan the signature, and upload it to the computer. This signature can then be uploaded to CocoSign.

The third option is to type in your name and choose the recommended signature style offered by CocoSign. The choice of Signature option rests entirely on the user.

Step 4: Download the Document

Click on the ‘Done’ button and the document will be available for download, along with the edits made in the document.

What Are the Limitations of Using Word for Electronic Signatures?

While CocoSign makes it possible to attach an electronic signature in Word, it is important to be aware of the limitations of using Word for electronic signature.

The primary purpose of adding a signature to Word is that people want to legalize their agreement on a deal or a situation. For this purpose, people can stay on track even when on the road, through their phones or a laptop agreed to by both parties.

The process that follows is that one party creates the document and sends it over to the other parties at the same time. The other parties read it, review it, and sign it if they agree to it.

Here the limitation of Word comes into play. There is no automatic way to learn how the recipients interacted with the Word and if they made any changes to it. This can put into question the legitimacy of signing Word with the electronic signature system.

Other than that, signing Word will offer no harm if it is done through a secure platform such as CocoSign.

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