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1. Drag & Drop Documents

You can append your signature to any document beginning with simply dragging and dropping the document into the highlighted area. You can also select the file and upload.

2. Sign Documents

Click on the document to open the digital signature creator within which you select a signature type and add to the document. You can also write your signature using a mouse or upload an already made signature.

3. Download Documents

Click “Done” to save changes made to the document. Then follow this up by securely downloading the documents.

Easy to Use, Dependable, Secure, Authenticated Signatures

Impentrably Secure

Every file transfer, download or connection is done via a secure 256-bit SSL encryption. Hence, you can rest assured that your confidential documents remain private and your signatures secure.

No Dedicated Device Resources

You do not need any dedicated resource from your device to run the software. Neither do you have to spare any storage space since the entire signing process is based on cloud technology.

Quick And Easy

With CocoSign digital signature creator, you can draw, write and create your electronic signature free in a minute or two. It is one of the best digital signatures on the market and is extremely easy to navigate or use.

Compatible with Any Device

CocoSign’s digital signature creator is not biased towards a particular operating system or device. Indeed, you can draw your signature on your mobile phone, PC, Mac or browser as far as you have a web browser and internet connection.

No External Hardware

With this digital signature creator, you can draw your signatures in very few minutes and without the use of a bogus external hardware like a scanner, printer or fax.

Cloud-based Storage

Since the signing process is based on cloud technology, it does not drain any resources from your device, neither does it need you to download a third-party signature app.

What Kind of Businesses May Need Digital Signatures?

Digital signatures as distinct from electronic signatures have become an essential part of many transactions these days. They improve team efficiency and productivity of companies and brands. They are particularly useful for businesses like the following.


The salesforce of most brands have ditched regular signatures for the digital variant. The result? A significant reduction in the total time it takes to complete sales contracts.

Legal Companies

Legal entities and firms have found digital signatures to be helpful in improving their overall productivity. For a job that deals with immense paperwork, scanning, signing, printing and sending each signed document makes the job very torturing. Digital signatures can take away this burden by enhancing security and reducing the room for altering signature dates, terms and conditions. Today, many legal companies use free digital signature software to create digital signature online free.

Human and Relations

Just like it is with the legal sector, human resource teams consume lots and lots of paper reams working with several employment contracts. To cut down on the time spent on hiring new employees, many organizations have employed the use of free digital signature software to fast-track the processing of contract documents.

Digital Signatures vs Electronic Signatures

Today’s technology has made it easy to make free electronic signatures from the comfort of a PC or mobile device. However, electronic signatures as we know are a tad different from digital signatures. Unlike e-signatures, digital signatures use cryptography and algorithms to authenticate the origin or integrity of each and every signature. Here are some of the differences between both signatures.

Method of Authentication

Electronic signatures use several methods like phone verification, employee ID and email to authenticate the identity of the signer. On the other hand, digital signatures use certificate-based IDs for this authentication.


Digital signatures are a little more complicated to understand and implement than electronic signatures. The latter is rather easier to incorporate into existing workflows.


Regarding usage, electronic signature is generally used for verifying the authenticity of a document. Digital signatures were instead designed for securing the integrity of documents.

Finally, electronic signatures make use of audit trails and, in some cases, time stamps, to show the validity or legal status of a signed document. Digital signature uses a more secured method of authentication. They relate documents to a particular signature using various encryption methods.

Create Digital Signature Online for Free FAQs

How safe are digital signatures? Can mine be falsified?

Digital signatures are very secure, so secure that it is even more complicated to falsify one than wet ink signatures. Since they are based on asymmetric cryptography, they come with a private key only the signer knows. It also has a public key, which is accessible to everyone. To forge a digital signature, the attacker must have access to the signer’s private key which is more or less non-transferrable and exclusively stored by the signer. Should the attacker get hold of the key, the signatory can revoke the trust in the key using another key issued by the Certification Authority (CA).

How does a digital signature work?

Digital signatures are used to link the digital identity of a signer to the pair of keys generated by them. This signature contains important details like the date the certification expires, data about the CA that issues the certificate and the signer’s name. It makes use of certificate-IDs to verify the identity of the signatory. .

What is the trust level of a document with an electronic or digital signature?

Digital signatures are considered legal in most parts of the world. It is also very trusted for the following reasons. To begin with, the signature becomes invalid once the document has been modified since one of the parties signed on it. Also, the digital certificate is revoked once the user’s private key has been compromised.

What organizations use an electronic or digital signature?

The benefits that electronic and digital signatures contain have led to a spike in its adoption rate. There are also various esignature free software one can use today. Electronic and digital signatures have been adopted by healthcare, legal and financial organizations. Indeed, any brand or corporation looking to go ‘paperless’.

How do I choose the perfect digital signature for my organization?

When deciding the electronic signature free software to go by, it is important you make a few considerations. Consider ahead of others those with the option of automating signatures for hundreds of documents, one that offers compliance guarantees with regulations and the one which allows workflows to expedite document approvals by different signatories. Luckily, CocoSign, a free e-signature platform ticks all these boxes.

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