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How to Send Documents via The Internet Using CocoSign?

1. Upload Document

First things first, login to CocoSign using your email address. Then, upload the document by selecting ‘upload document’ or download from the cloud.

2. Enter Contact Address

Once the document is uploaded, it appears in the list in your account. Click the ‘send for signing’, enter the receivers’ email addresses and make comments on the document.

3. Send Document

Finally send the document via a secure SSL connection to the receiver. This secured connection ensures that the contents of the document remains confidential.

Why Should You Use CocoSign to Send Documents Securely?

Premium Security Measures

Protecting data and the confidentiality of users’ documents is top priority for CocoSign. The electronic signature platform uses bank-grade security to reduce security risks. If you’ve ever wondered how to send documents securely over the internet, CocoSign is just how.

Ease of Use

With CocoSign, you can easily upload documents and send it over a secure connection for others to sign. The platform is quite easy to navigate. Hence, it is easy to prepare a contract document for the other party to sign.

Instant Reminders & Notifications

The platform tracks the progress of the sent document, noting when the signed document is sent and received. It also sends a notification to mark when the document has been received or viewed.

Application Integration

CocoSign is designed to work with popularly used applications like Microsoft Office. It also has an excellent integration with cloud storage services like DropBox or Google Drive. It can also be used in conjunction with PDF readers.

Boosted Efficiency

CocoSign helps its users save time since the parties signatory to a contract can append their signatures in only a few minutes as compared to what obtains if they go through the regular way of scanning, printing and mailing signed documents.

Flexible to Manage

Since the CocoSign platform is cloud-based with no needs for special installations, it can be accessed on-the-go. Signatories to a contract can register their approval or consent to an agreement from any internet and browser-enabled device they choose.

Key Considerations to Send Documents Securely

The use of electronic signatures and digital signatures is now cutting across different sectors. It is a modern method of signing documents that has garnered a lot of plaudits for its numerous benefits like reduced transaction times and costs, among others. However, can this signing method be trusted? How reliable are electronic signatures and what factors should be considered when one wishes to send documents securely?

Security of the service

The plummeting rate of cyberattacks in the recent past has called for internet users to become more aware of the risks they face when working over the internet. As a basic precaution, ensure that all websites you work on make use of an encrypted browser connection (HTTPS). This includes your digital signature solution. Through this platform, you should be able to send documents securely to the signer.

Identity authentication

To send secure documents, you have to ensure that the signature comes with some forms of authentication. Popular authentication methods include using Bank ID, webcam authentication or authentication by a reliable third-party service. Electronic signatures with an audit trail or KPI are the key to sending documents securely. This is because any change in the document invalidates the signature.

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