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How to Fill PDF Forms Online

1. Drag & Drop PDF

Drag the PDF file and drop it in the field provided above. Alternatively, choose the PDF file manually through the file browser with the ‘choose file’ link.

2. Fill the PDF File

Use CocoSign’s insert text option to fill the PDF file fields. Fill in text, checkboxes, and signature fields with CocoSign.

3. Save & Download File

Click on ‘Done’ to finalize the document and download it anywhere with the ‘Download’ button.

Fill PDF Forms From Anywhere

Fill PDF at Anywhere & Anytime

CocoSign works from anywhere in the world to fill PDF documents online. Any internet accessible device can do the job, be it a phone, computer, or a tablet. Fill and sign PDF forms on the go with CocoSign.

File Security

CocoSign uses the best encryption protocol in the world, such as the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection that PayPal uses. This makes file and private information storage on CocoSign 100% safe and impenetrable.

Easy to Fill

Filling PDF forms has never been this easy. Simply click anywhere on the document where text should be inserted and type the text that is required. The click and type function can be used by anyone without wasting any time to learn it.

More Productive Work

CocoSign eliminates the time that is spent in printing and scanning forms and documents. Directly fill and sign PDF files online with CocoSign and forward them to anyone with a single click.

Customize Your Content

CocoSign offers as much freedom as one would get with a pen on a paper. Enter any text that is required and even use checkbox filling and text editing features to customize content in any way that is required.


There is no requirement of physical meetings, document printing, or any costs involved in setting and meeting appointments. All processes happen from any device through the internet for free, reducing costs significantly.

What Is the Difference Between Fillable And Flat PDFs?

A fillable PDF file is a file with which users can interact to fill their data. For example, PDF forms are created as a fillable PDF so users can fill the textboxes and checkboxes, use drop down lists, lock their answers, and send back the PDF file to the owner.

With fillable PDF files, users can enter values on a document without the need to download the document itself. This makes the process of filling forms fast and cost effective.

Once the values have been filled in a PDF document, it is important to ensure that no other person can edit these values. This gives rise to flat PDFs.

In a flat PDF, all values are locked in so anyone cannot change the value that has been already entered. The process of converting a fillable PDF to a Flat PDF is called flattening of a PDF file.

In simple terms, flattening a PDF combines the form and the entered data values together, to create a single image file. The data values and the form cannot be separated once it has been flattened.

How to Fill PDF Forms Online?

In order to fill a PDF form online for free, you can follow the following steps:

  • Upload the PDF form from the computer or the cloud storage to the CocoSign library. Alternatively, the PDF form can also be dropped in the file drop field above.
  • From the CocoSign tempplate library, choose the form that needs to be filled and click on the ‘Sign and Send’ option.
  • At the ‘Apply Form Fields’ option, select the option that says ‘Apply’. This will allow editing the fillable fields in the form.
  • Navigate between the various fields in the form with the arrow keys. Fill in the fields with the desired values. Sign the form electronically through CocoSign.
  • Once the form has been filled completely, double check the information and click on ‘Finish and Email’. This will send the signed document to any recipient’s email that is entered.
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