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Safe Online Signing

CocoSign makes online document signing absolutely safe and easy. Your electronic signatures are secured by encryption techniques that comply with industry standards. CocoSign meets all requirements of eSignature authentication and security.

Maximizes Usability And Convenience

Ease and convenience come hand in hand with electronic signatures. Now it's as easy as answering an email to add an electronic signature to your documents. Digitally express your approval without leaving your seat with the electronic signatures of CocoSign.

Easy to Upload

Just drag and drop your document into the upload area of CocoSign. You can also open the file dialog by clicking on the 'Upload' button and selecting the target file.

Signing in Your Own Way

CocoSign offers several options for you and gives you the flexibility to sign your own way. You can design your own electronic signature just the way your paper signature works!

Simplify Your Workflow

Using electronic signatures simplifies your workflow. Each stakeholder can add an electronic signature and forward the updated document to others. There is no delay between getting a file and signing it off digitally to keep the process going.


CocoSign provides a cost-effective solution to meet your need to add electronic signatures to your documents. In addition, electronic signatures eliminate the cost of printers, papers, scanners, and associated equipment.

What Is Electronic Signature?

Electronic signatures are signed in a digital format. This means that a person can use an e-signature tool, such as CocoSign, to sign on any document like Excel, Word, Google Docs,etc instead of using a pen. Digitally signed documents are both tamper-proof and secure.

It will give you the ability to authenticate a document with an identifiable mark within a few minutes. The need to print, sign, and scan a document is no longer necessary. You can upload a document directly to CocoSign and add an electronic signature.

Interestingly, eSign is legally recognized in most countries of the world. They are credible, reliable, and enforceable. However, the specifics of the law may vary for each country, but the fundamentals remain the same.

CocoSign ensures that the legal requirements of electronic signatures are met. In addition, it is easier to keep a record of the documents. You don't need to store important documents in the large office cabinets.

Instead, you can save your documents to the cloud and access them from anywhere at any time. With electronic signatures, you can go completely paperless.

What Kind of Business Should Use Electronic Signature?

The modern business environment enjoys a number of advantages offered by the use of electronic signatures. Processes are becoming smoother, more efficient, and more cost-effective. Majorly, the following businesses can use electronic signatures:

  • Online businesses
  • Legal work and documentation
  • Insurance companies
  • eCommerce

Generally, any organization that follows standard procedures will need the consent of its employees and other stakeholders to one or more documents. You'll need to put an electronic signature on a variety of documents.

The human resources department can use electronic signatures in the offer letters, non-disclosure agreements, employment offer letters, leave applications, statement of work, performance review forms, disciplinary action forms, and other documents.

The operations department can use electronic signatures in the project plans, service level agreements, engineering drawings, quality assurance reports, delivery agreements, maintenance agreements, and other such documents.

The sales and marketing departments can use digital signatures in proposals, quotations, sales contracts, purchase orders, invoices, supply agreements, purchase agreements, and other such documents.

How Do You Create an Electronic Signature?

Creating an electronic signature is quite easy with CocoSign. You have several options to create your electronic signature:

Option 1: Style Your Name

This is the easiest way to create an electronic signature. Type in your name and choose a font for signature styling. You can select a font that is similar to the style of your paper signature.

Option 2: Upload an image

CocoSign gives you the choice if you are in love with your paper signature and want to use it on your electronic documents. Take a picture of your signature and upload the image. The uploaded image will be displayed on the signature line in your document.

Option 3: Draw your Signature

Another option is to draw your signature with a stylus or a finger if you have a touchscreen. Essentially drawing a signature on the screen with a stylus is similar to signing your signature on the paper with a pen.

Once done, you can use the electronic signature on your PDF, Word, Excel, and other documents.

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