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CocoSign offers multiple ways to create a digital signature and each signature can be customized to meet a user’s exact needs.


All private data and digital signatures are protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, a protocol that the most secure sites like PayPal use. It makes CocoSign resilient to any online or cyber-attacks.


CocoSign has a huge global community user base which uses the platform regularly to create agreements and sign them. Therefore, it is a completely trusted website for handling digital signatures.


CocoSign’s features are unique and hard to find anywhere else. From creating digital signatures online or drawing the signature on paper and uploading them, there is nothing that one can’t do with CocoSign.


Due to its flexible interface, CocoSign can be used by anyone regardless of their technical expertise. It is a simple drag and click platform that doesn’t require any hard knowledge to use it.


CocoSign eliminates the need to set up physical meetings or posting documents for signature requirements. This makes it a very effective process in terms of time as well as money savings.

What Are Digital Signatures?

Digital signatures can be imagined as electronic fingerprints. The digital signatures verify the identity of a document signer with secret codes, as compared to eSignatures which just record the signature itself.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Signatures?

Digital signatures provided by CocoSign have considerable benefits over any other signature form (online or offline). Some of these benefits include:


Digital signatures are the most secure form of signing documents online. These signatures not just mark a document, but also verify the authenticity of the signer as well.

The electronic fingerprint data of a user is attached with the document data and no one can alter it or remove it. If someone alters with this data, it can be detected quite easily.

Highest Signature Standard

The PKI standards are there to protect the key information of a user. These standards dictate that CocoSign (and other digital signature platforms) follow mandated norms to store the private key data of a user.

Therefore, due to the same standards adopted across various platforms, digital signatures are cross-platform as well as more secure.

Global Legal Validity

Digital signatures are accepted all over the world same as wet signatures and eSignatures. Additionally, these signatures are also legally valid which leaves no space for doubts in using these as the preferred signature option.

Retention of Signature and Document

Digitally signed documents can be easily stored in electronic vaults. Additionally, the signature data can be stored permanently and stays in existence even if the vendor leaves the market. This makes digital signatures more reliable than other options.

How Do Digital Signatures Work?

Digital signatures are unique to the signer, just like any other form of signatures. These signatures are based on a standardised protocol called Public Key Infrastructure.

Through the PKI, the signature provider creates two encrypted keys for the user. One of these keys is called the public key and the other is a private key.

When a user signs a document, the signature is done by the private key. The private key is embedded in the document in a cypher form. Along with this, the time of the signature is also logged in the document. If there are changes made after this logged time, the digital signature becomes invalid.

To verify the signature, the public key of the user comes into effect. If their public key cannot encrypt a signature on the document, it means that the signature belongs to someone else.

PKI standards mandate service providers such as CocoSign to create and store keys in a secure and automated environment. This is why digital signatures remain the most popular form of electronic signatures online or offline. Create your digital signature easily with CocoSign!

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