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1. Upload Contract

To sign your contract online, upload the document on the platform by dragging and dropping it into the highlighted area. You can also click the “choose file” button.

2. Sign Contract

Click on the document, select the type of signature to open a dialog box, and draw a signature using a stylus pen, mouse or trackpad

3. Download Contract

Select “Done” to save changes and download the contract through Cocosign’s private 256-bit SSL connection with the browser’s servers.

What Can You Get from CocoSign?

Easy to Use

CocoSign makes it easy for your signers to sign several reams of contract papers. This is because the platform is very easy to navigate and the signing process completely enjoyable.

Application Integration

It is programmed to seamlessly integrate with most of the applications you already use. Indeed, it is compatible with all Microsoft Office applications, Dropbox and all cloud storage services.

Maximum Convenience

CocoSign saves you the headache of routinely signing hundreds of contract documents by hand and delivering through unsafe courier or postal services. They can also be done in a few minutes.

Track Progress Real Time

CocoSign documents the entire signing process from the time you send contracts to when the signed document is received. You also receive a notification when the e-contract has been viewed/signed.

Highly Flexible

No more worry about the contract signing process being stalled now because the parties to a contract are on-the-go. Since CocoSign’s contract signing software is cloud-based, the contract can be signed anywhere and anytime.

Safe And Secure

File sharing and downloading is done via multiple layers of encryption between the platform’s server and the browser. Hence, the content of the contract agreement remains private for your eyes.

Requirements for Online Contract Signing

Electronic signatures are becoming increasingly popular because of the immense benefits they bring like saving time and transactional costs as well as improving efficiency. The fact that it is legally binding and acceptable makes it even more appealing. However, there are some requirements to be when the document to be signed is a contract or a legal document.

First things first, the signer should show a clear intention to sign the document. This is shown by his or her receiving and opening of the document.

The contractual agreement should include a section that states that all parties involved in the transaction agreed to use electronic signature as their method of approval

The document must be readily available to the parties involved. It should also be saved in the same format it was when it was signed.

It is customary for all involved parties to receive a copy of the signed document. Most reputable digital signature providers like CocoSign would usually automatically share the parties a copy.

The signer must not be denied the possibility of rejecting electronic documents and picking up a physical copy instead, on which he can sign and return to the other party.

Why Should You Use Online Contract Signing?

It goes without saying that you need to read every contract through and through to understand the terms and conditions of the agreement before signing the document or approving it.

For companies that have reams of paperwork to work through, it is enough work to read through these documents. Adding the process of scanning signatures, printing the signed copy and sending the document to another party by a postal or courier service makes the process even more difficult. That is why it is important to adopt simpler methods of signing and sending, that is, using a free online contract signing software. Here are some other reasons why you should sign your contracts online.


This is an important part of dealing with contracts. Rather than have your contracts signed and shove them down a drawer where it might be hard to retrieve at a moments’ notice, why not use a platform that can save the signed contract on a cloud platform like Dropbox.

Saves time and money

Online contract signing can save you the money and time needed to scan, sign, print and send a contract agreement. You also save the time for filing on a shelf.

Who Should Use Online Contract Signing?

There are only a few businesses who still go through the painstaking process of mailing the other several paper sheets to sign. This is the reality considering that you can now sign contracts online without using any special hardware and in less time. All contracts can be signed electronically with the only exceptions being wills, trusts, divorce agreements, eviction notice and court orders.

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