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How to Sign Excel Online

1. Drag & Drop Excel File

Single click on the Excel file and drop it on the space above. Alternatively, click on the ‘choose file’ link and select the file through the file browser.

2. Sign Excel File

Click on the document where the signature is to be added. Create an electronic signature digitally or upload the signature through a scanned document. CocoSign supports multiple ways to create an e-sign.

3. Download File

Click on the ‘Done’ button and the Excel file will be ready to download. The signature will be added to the Excel file in an encrypted manner.

eSign Excel From Anywhere

How to eSign Excel

CocoSign follows SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Encryption protocol, which is used by the most secure websites online. This keeps the digital signatures stored securely online, making them safe as well as legally binding.

Secure And Legally Binding

CocoSign offers a variety of agreement templates to provide for any information or structure that is needed. There is no requirement for researching any additional details anywhere else.

Sign Word, Document, PDF, And Excel

CocoSign supports a wide array of file formats for e-sign, including Word documents, PDF files, and Excel sheets. The process to add the signature in any of these documents is the same and just as easy.

Customize Your Signature

Choose from a wide variety of CocoSign’s signature templates. Add date and time to the signature on the click of a button. Even add the name or initials under it.

Easy to Capture Signaturee

CocoSign offers multiple ways to create a signature, and any can be chosen based on convenience. Sign on a blank paper, click its picture and upload the picture to CocoSign. Drawing the signature through the Mouse or trackpad is available as well.

Save Time And Cost

No need to waste time and money in scheduling meetings or sending the documents through the snail mail. Use CocoSign and save marginally on the money and time consumed by other signing alternatives.

What Are the Advantages of Using eSign in Excel?

A signature on a document is used to define the agreement of the party (or parties) to the terms or facts presented in the document.

Traditionally, in order to have documents signed securely, the physical presence of each party was required. This called for the need to set up a business meeting or sending the documents through the fax or by post, creating a lot of delay and financial costs.

Moreover, if there is a large number of documents that need signing regularly, these costs are amplified and the traditional method becomes less and less reliable. This is where eSign in excel comes into play.

Through the electronic signature, there is no need to set a business meeting or send the documents physically to any party. People can sign any Excel document online and forward it to anyone directly through email or other file transmission methods online.

With the growing culture of professionals working remotely all over the world, eSign in Excel is becoming more and more preferable among people.

How to Add a Signature in Excel?

The steps to add an eSign in an Excel spreadsheet are as follows:

Step 1: Upload the Excel File

CocoSign offers multiple ways to upload the Excel file that needs signing. There is a file drop space where the Excel file can be dragged and dropped directly in the web browser. Alternatively, the file can be selected through its location through the ‘choose file’ link.

Once the file upload is complete, CocoSign will show a file preview on the screen.

Step 2: Deciding the Edits

The edits are not just limited to signature, CocoSign offers a wide variety of addons you can make to the Excel document. These include adding the sign, name, date, initials, checkbox, and any text that the user chooses.

This gives the freedom to perform a wide variety of tasks, from singing documents to filling forms to checking checkboxes. Choose the edits that are required on the document.

Step 3: Create an Electronic Signature Free

Click on the space where the signature should be added. CocoSign offers multiple ways to create a signature and a user can choose any of these based on convenience.

The first method is to type in the name and CocoSign provides a preset template of signatures that the user can choose. This method is the easiest but offers the least personalization.

The next way is to sign a blank piece of paper, scan the paper, and upload the signature to CocoSign. A clear picture of the signature can also be taken and uploaded.

Lastly, CocoSign also offers signature creation through a mouse or a trackpad. With this option, the user can directly draw their signature on through the mouse or trackpad without the need to scan any hardcopy.

Step 4: Add Any Additional Changes

If there are any more changes to add to the excel file, now is the time to do it. Add any date, time, text, initials, or any other data that is to be added in the excel file before downloading it.

Step 5: Download the Signed Document

Click on ‘Done’ and the signed Excel file will be ready for download. The file can be downloaded for free without creating a CocoSign account. Click on ‘Download’ to save the file to any location on the computer.

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