Thank you letter of recommendation provides an opportunity to appreciate the efforts of your referrer. This is a perfect way to acknowledge the people who write recommendation letters for you and give you references.

Understanding how to draft a thank you note for a letter of recommendation is the best way of showing your appreciation. It also helps in maintaining a professional connection.

Thank you letter of recommendation is an effective way to express your gratitude to someone who took out the time and put in the effort to open doors for you. In this letter, you tell the referrer about the anticipated outcome and the desired outcome in specific terms.

What is a Thank You Letter for Recommendation?

The thank-you note for a letter of recommendation is a form of courtesy note given to a referrer or an individual who has put in a good word for you and has taken out the time to give a reference on the applicant’s behalf.

The thank you letter for recommendation will not only help an individual in expressing his/her gratitude, but it will also increase your chances of getting another recommendation letter in the future.

An effective thank you letter can be sent as a precise email; however, a letter of appreciation that is handwritten will have the most impact on the referrer. You can write a nice email, albeit it is a quicker option, it lacks a personal touch.

The thank-you letter should not be overly detailed or lengthy. You can draft the letter as soon as the referrer has sent the recommendation letter, although you may want to follow-up after you have been accepted to share the news.

Why Is It Important to Write a Thank you Letter for Recommendation?

It is a good idea to write a formal thank you letter for a recommendation if the individual has put in the effort and taken out the time to recommend you. In addition, it is considered as a common act of courtesy to express gratitude to the person who did you a favor.

The referrer writes a thoughtful letter of recommendation that best describes your professional or academic accomplishments so that you can get your desired professional role.

With a thank you letter for recommendation, the referrer will know that you appreciate his/her efforts, which can further help you in maintaining a good relationship. Plus, everyone wants to feel respected and valued, especially when they have taken out their work time to write an effective recommendation letter for you.

Moreover, sending a thank you note will help the individual in remembering you, and it will keep you in the good graces of the writer. After all, you might need another recommendation letter in the future for another potential opportunity.

How to Write a Thank You Letter for Recommendation?

Although there are multiple ways to write a thank you note for a letter of recommendation, by following these steps, you can create and deliver a perfect thank you letter that best expresses your feelings.

Step 1: Selecting the Right Format

There are various formats for thank you note that you can use, including handwritten cards, emails, or typed letters. To select the right format, you should consider how the referrer commonly prefers to communicate.

Some people like using email for both informal and formal communication, while other people enjoy thank you cards and handwritten notes.

Step 2: Basic Outline

Before writing a thank you letter, draft an outline that will help you in expressing yourself. The outline should include:

  • A clear gratitude statement.
  • A respectful greeting.
  • A formal update on the expected outcome.
  • Your signature and a formal closing.

Step 3: Proofread

Proofreading is a critical step in ascertaining that your letter is professional. Before you send the letter, verify specific details, check grammar, and spelling errors.

It is best to take a gap between proofreading and writing your thank you note as it can assist you in examining your letter from a fresh perspective.

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There you have it, and you can now draft a perfect thank you letter for recommendation and make your referrer feel valued and respected.

You must send your thank you letter as soon as you have received the recommendation letter. If you send your letter quickly, it will show your professionalism and appreciation. You can also find great templates for the thank you letter of recommendation at our website CocoSign.


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