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Medical School Letter of Recommendation

    An important part of applying to medical school is providing the admission panel a medical school letter of recommendation. Through an outsider’s view, the panel can see what makes you a good fit. The admissions committee values quality over quantity and there’s what our medical school letter of recommendation templates emphasize. Over the years, we know what highlights work and have included those in our samples. These samples are also customizable, well addressed and structured.

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Medical School Letter of Recommendation
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Medical School Letter of Recommendation

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The recommendation letter for a medical student is a crucial part of the application process. The letter is meant to display an objective and external evaluation of your skills in the medical domain to the admission committees.

The recommendation letter for medical school is commonly submitted with the AMCAS application. A well-written recommendation letter calls attention to your professional or academic achievements.

This letter of recommendation is important because it can help you in pulling the admission committees to your advantage by displaying them your attributes from the perspective of an outsider.

What is a Medical School Recommendation Letter?

The medical school letter of recommendation is a formal document that is written to support the application of a student to get admission in medical school. In this letter, the people writing the recommendation letter describes the candidate as an ideal individual who is best suited for pursuing a career in medicine.

The medical field is a highly competitive domain and medical school recommendation letters can act as a deciding factor whether an individual will get enrolment in the medical school. To ascertain that you are presented in the best way, a recommendation letter from academics or professionals can help you paint a good picture of you.

With sincere commendation, concrete examples, and vivid descriptions of your skills, the medical school recommendation letter will help you in getting admission in your dream medical university.

Who Needs a Medical School Recommendation Letter?

Any student who is looking to get admission in a medical school needs a little extra push. The medical school recommendation letter helps students in pulling the admission committee to their side.

With an effective recommendation letter, a student can display their skills, academics, and professional achievements to get a head start in the application process. If you want to get into your dream medical school, the most crucial thing that you can do is to submit a medical school recommendation letter.

It is because it enables you to inform the application committee about your achievements. Moreover, with a well-written recommendation letter, you can provide an opportunity for medical schools to hear what other people have to say about you.

The most critical thing about medical recommendation letters is that you get them as soon as possible. Referrers often receive multiple requests from various students, so it is vital to ask them early to avoid any potential application delay.

It is important to note that each medical university has its own formats and standards for securing letters, so you will have to discover the best format depending on the school you are applying.

What is Included in a Medical School Recommendation Letter?

According to the standards of AAMC, a medical school letter of recommendation should emphasize your skills and achievements as a potential medical student. An effective medical recommendation letter should include:

  • Information and name of the medical school applicant.
  • The date when the letter was drafted.
  • A brief description of your relationship with the referrer.
  • List of academic or professional achievements of the applicant.
  • Distinct credentials and characteristics of the applicant.
  • The potential contribution that the individual can make in the medical field.
  • Potential reasons why the individual is best suited for the post.
  • Results of the applicant’s previous work.

It is important to note that the admission committees value information quality over the length of the recommendation letter. In addition, since the members of the admission committees will have the copy of your MCAT score and grades, it is recommended that the medical school recommendation letter should not repeat this information.

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Now that you know the significance of a medical school letter of recommendation, you can use the letter to get a head start on your competition. Ultimately, the recommendation letter for medical students ought to portray a precise illustration of what you are like in a professional or academic setting.

Besides, with an effective medical school recommendation letter, admission committees of medical schools can examine how you will contribute to the medical field and whether you have the potential to become an expert/specialist in the future.

So, what are you waiting for? Head straight to your professor and ask them to write a recommendation letter. You can also download the best template for medical school letter of recommendation on our website CocoSign that will help you get admission in your dream medical school.


Medical School Recommendation Letter




To Whom This May Concern,



My name is _____________________ [Your Name] and proud to offer my recommendation of _____________________ [Individual’s Name] to whom I have personally known for ___ years as my _____________________ [Describe Relationship] at _____________________ [School or Company].


During my relationship with _____________________ [Individual’s Name] I have experienced an individual who shows up earlier than asked, works hard, and carries themselves in a polite, respectable manner. In addition, _____________________ [Individual’s Name] is exceptionally skilled at learning new concepts and fully recommend him/her without reservation for a place in your upcoming class of medical students.

If you have any requests or questions do not hesitate to contact me.





Signature _____________________ Date _____________________


Telephone _____________________


E-Mail _____________________


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