By requesting a letter of recommendation, law schools hope to acquire in-depth knowledge regarding the candidate’s capabilities. The law school letter of a recommendation reflects authentic knowledge of the candidate’s character and performance, which makes it useful for the admission committee.

Almost every law school asks for a letter of recommendation to screen potential applicants during the application process. Although the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) scores hold major significance, a law school recommendation letter might become the deciding factor.

A strong and well-written law school letter of recommendation can empower your application and it can also cover your deficiencies. Therefore, a strong letter of recommendation will increase your chances of getting admission in your dream law school.

What Is a Letter of Recommendation for Law School?

The letter of recommendation for law school is a formal document that supports the application of a student aiming to get enrolled in law school.

Although multiple law schools do not consider recommendation letters, the majority of institutions consider the application of the candidate incomplete if it doesn’t have a letter of recommendation.

The most influential recommendation letters for law school are written by work supervisors or professors who know you enough to describe your professional, personal, or academic achievements while highlighting your potential with objectivity and creativity.

The primary purpose of a letter of recommendation is to provide the admission committees of law school an insight of the applicant’s eligibility. A strong recommendation letter should first confirm the academic potential and success of the student.

Secondly, it should give testimony to the student's other skills, achievements, or ambitions that are indicative of a lawyer and a successful law student.

Who Should You Ask for a Letter of Recommendation for Law School?

The student’s choice of the writer is crucial when requesting a recommendation letter for law school. A candidate must ask a work supervisory, teacher’s assistant, or professor who has had a close relationship with them and who can attest to their capabilities as a law student.

Asking any professional, judges, politicians, or family friends outside a university is highly discouraged and can negatively impact the success of the application. Thus, a student should prefer those who know you academically or professionally and can vouch for your success at law school.

According to the officials of law school admissions, the following attributes are essential in a writer:

  • The writer should know you well enough to describe your academic or professional contributions.
  • He/she should hold the title of professor.
  • The writer should have an advanced degree and he has supervised you in an internship or a meaningful job.
  • The writer who has evaluated you academically are also potential writers to write a letter of recommendation.

What Information Is Included in a Letter of Recommendation for Law School?

Before writing a letter of recommendation, it is important to understand that law schools are an intellectual pursuit. It means there are multiple ways to recommend a candidate; however, the main objective of the recommendation letter for law school is to highlight the likelihood of the applicant's success. The letter of recommendation should include:

  • A brief description of the relationship between the applicant and the recommender.
  • An overview of the best qualities, achievements, and contributions of the applicant.
  • Relevant examples that support the claims of the letter of recommendation.
  • The letter should also describe the personal development of the applicant and his/her contributions to the field of law.

In addition, the letter of recommendation for law school should also incorporate information about why the writer is qualified to endorse the candidate.

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Law school recommendation letter is a great way of getting a head start on your competition. With a strong letter of recommendation, you can increase your chances of getting admission in your dream law school.

A letter of recommendation for law school supports a student by providing evidence of his/her academic or professional achievements while highlighting his/her capabilities. It is a document that vouches for your eligibility as a successful law student.

Now that you know how to write a strong letter of recommendation for law school, head straight to your professor or work supervisor, and get your letter ready! Or you can download a template for a letter of recommendation for law school from our website CocoSign.


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