The Eagle Scout is the highest step of the Boy Scouting Program of the BSOA (Boy Scouts of America). When a Life Scout applies for the Eagle Scout position, they must provide an Eagle Scout letter of recommendation as a testimony of their character.

The program actually demands five or six Eagle Scout letters of recommendation, so that the overall image they paint can be as accurate and detailed as possible.

To become an Eagle Scout, you need to find one of the many scout councils in the US and start earning your way up. It’s a long and challenging process, and the Eagle Scout recommendation letter will weigh a lot in the final stage.

What is an Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter?

The Boy Scouting Program is driven by the constant effort to reach high moral standards and show excellent character traits. And since Eagle Scout is the highest rank, applicants must prove themselves worthy beyond any doubt. That’s why the application process includes the submission of Eagle Scout letters of recommendation.

The applicant must provide six letters, or five if they have no previous employment. The Eagle Scout recommendation letter is a written testimony of the scout’s adherence to the program’s moral requirements. It must show that they have excellent character traits and give clear examples of situations when the scout has acted in an exemplary way.

Who Would You Ask for an Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter?

The Eagle Scout applying process demands five or six letters of recommendation. That means the applicant has many chances to impress and prove that they are worthy. But for that to happen, they must choose the authors wisely.

The Eagle Scout letter of recommendation must be written by someone who knows the applicant personally and close enough so that they can notice their behavior in everyday situations.

It needs to be a person of authority, who is in a suitable position to evaluate whether the applicant is respecting the Scout Oath and Scout Law, and if they use those principles in their everyday existence.

So those five or six Eagle Scout letters of recommendation should be written by parents or guardians, teachers, counselors, a religious figure of the community, or an employer if there is one. The more suitable and authoritative the author is, the more valuable and efficient the Eagle Scout reference letter will be.

Why Do You Need an Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter?

Scouts take their principles very seriously and struggle to apply them to their daily existence to a high degree. And since Eagle Scout is the most elevated position, the applicant must prove that they are worthy.

The Eagle Scout letters of recommendation provide an insight into the life the scout has outside the program. They are essential testimonies of their moral conduct and of the fact that they use the scout principles in most aspects of their lives.

What Information Is Included in an Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter?

The Eagle Scout letter of recommendation form provides a sneak peek into the daily life of the applicant and is an opportunity to see their conduct through the eyes of the people who know them closely. It’s an endorsement of the applicant, a testimony of their commitment to the scout principles.

So, the content of the Eagle Scout reference letter must be relevant to that extent. If you take a look at an Eagle Scout recommendation letter sample, you will notice that it’s an informal document. But the structure is still important, to make the letter reader-friendly and efficient.

So, the format of the letter has the following sections: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. These are the elements any Eagle Scout recommendation letter should include:

  • Start by mentioning the applicant’s name and the nature of your relationship with them; also state how long you have known the candidate, to prove that you are the right person to testify to their character
  • The introduction should include the main reasons you consider the candidate a moral and worthy person, and you will expand on that information in the following section
  • Use a few body paragraphs to give further details on the moral attributions and conduct of the applicant, and illustrate them with clear examples
  • Showing is more efficient than telling, so mention relevant instances when their behavior impressed you and determined you to endorse them
  • Use as many body paragraphs as you feel necessary, but at the same time try to keep the letter concise
  • In the conclusion part of the letter, give a summary of the reasons why you consider the candidate the right choice for an Eagle Scout
  • In the end, write your personal and contact information and offer to answer any questions concerning the candidate’s character
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The Boy Scouting Program is an excellent initiative that strives to lead children and young people on a moral path. The highest level they can achieve is the Eagle Scout, and when they apply, they need to provide testimonies of their character from people who know them closely.

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