The backing of superior is quite important when applying for any specific position. Similar is the case with the army letter of recommendation, which is also referred to as a military letter of recommendation.

Whenever you are applying for any specific position, unique program, job promotion, or military academy, make sure you have an army letter of recommendation drafted by superior military personnel.

In this article, you will learn about the army letter of recommendation, when it is needed, and what should be included in this letter of recommendation.

What Is an Army Letter of Recommendation?

A military letter of recommendation increases your likelihood to get accepted for a specific job position in the military. Army letter of recommendation is also used when applying for a promotion in a military career, or when enrolling in any military academy or school.

Besides, this letter of recommendation is used by military persons when requesting for a military award or medal that was not awarded upon their discharge. This letter also helps admission committees when comparing two potential applicants with similar kits.

A genuine army letter of recommendation drafted by a credible source makes a great difference between your acceptance and rejection of a specific application.

It is advised that whenever you are selecting an author to write a military letter of recommendation, make sure the person is a high-ranking military officer. This is because the author’s credibility gives an extra weightage to your application.

When Needs an Army Letter of Recommendation?

Broadly speaking, whether you are applying for the Army, Air Force, Navy, or the Marines, an army letter of recommendation can be of great significance in your military career.

Army letter of recommendation serves as the testimony for the character, competencies, and due diligence of the applicant. Therefore, it must be written by any captain, commander, major, general, or admiral who can judge the applicant’s character, and leadership skills.

A military letter of recommendation will be needed when applying or undertaking any military training. This letter will help enrollers in assessing the suitability of a candidate for training or any specific program.

Similarly, an army letter of recommendation is needed when army personnel has to arrive at a favorable verdict when awarding rewards, specifically when all applicants hold similar qualifications. Moreover, this letter is required when you want a promotion in any army unit or military installation.

Since an army letter of recommendation highlights your strengths and positive attributes, it can help you get approved when applying for a particular military rank or join the military academy.

What Is Included in an Army Letter of Recommendation?

The Army letter of recommendation should be very precise in its structure. This is because it goes to the military officials. The structure of this letter is similar to any college letter of recommendation.

However, make sure that the author uses detailed formatting in the letter that is specific to military personnel. Mainly, an army letter of recommendation should include a header, introduction, the main body consisting of 1 to 3 paragraphs, and a short conclusion.

If the author is any military personnel, a clear-cut format will be followed consisting of a letterhead at the top of the letter. This header must contain the date, memorandum for, from, and subject of the letter.

The introduction of the army letter of recommendation should contain the intent of the letter along with the applicant’s name and the relationship between author and applicant. It may also include information such as for how long the writer has known the applicant and credentials of the applicant.

In the body paragraphs, the writer must include information about the character, experience, and attributes of the applicant that make him/her eligible for a particular position.

Also, personality traits that are relevant to the applied position must be highlighted, such as leadership skills, firmness, integrity, dependability, and so on. It would add more weightage to the application if the writer includes real-life examples regarding the strengths of the applicant.

When concluding an army letter of recommendation, the author must express his/her confidence in the applicant. The conclusion should also reiterate the core strengths of the applicant that highlight the suitability of the candidate for his/her application.

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In brief, the army letter of recommendation is of profound importance in the Army, Navy, or Air Force. When you are looking for promotion, award, or job position, make sure you have an authentic army letter of recommendation crafted by any high-ranking official.

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