When someone applies for graduate school, they need to submit letters of recommendation for graduate school, to increase their chances of admission. These letters must be written by teachers who have closely observed the student’s academic path and can vouch for their interest in education, as well as their abilities and work ethic.

The letter of recommendation for graduate school is a written testimony to the student’s achievements and qualities, and the teacher’s way of endorsing them in their efforts to be accepted at grad school.

What Is a Recommendation Letter for Graduate School?

The graduate school admission process requires, apart from the resume, the list of your awards, achievements, and extracurricular activities, and the grade point average (GPA), a recommendation letter for graduate school.

It’s a formal letter that highlights your academic achievements, as well as positive character traits and overall approach to education and self-improvement. What makes the letter of recommendation for graduate school different from other forms of recommendation letters is the fact that it has to be written by a college or university professor.

The endorsement of an academic specialist is the one that matters in this case, not supporting letters from family or acquaintances. It can be written by other authority figures in the student’s life if they are in a superior school or work position. Still, professors are the most qualified and suitable to give such recommendations.

Who Needs a Recommendation Letter for Graduate School?

All applicants to a graduate program are required to submit letters of recommendation for graduate school. The goal is to provide information that cannot be taken from the other documents they present.

The committee will want to see the candidate’s academic path from the point of view of an experienced professor that has closely observed the student’s approach to education. If they submit more, at least one letter of recommendation for graduate school has to be written by a college or university professor.

Letters of recommendation for graduate school are mandatory because the committee needs additional information. They don’t have the same knowledge of every school, of the level of performance.

Apart from that, they need an assessment of the student by an academic professional who has been able to compare them to other students and can provide useful context.

What Is Included In a Recommendation Letter for Graduate School?

All applicants to graduate programs have many great qualities and are hard-working. But the purpose of letters of recommendation for graduate school is to help differentiate those who are best suited to that particular program.

So, the letter has to do more than just praise the student, it needs to provide accurate information and evaluation, and it must illustrate every positive point as clearly as possible. As seen from any sample letter of recommendation for graduate school, it’s a formal document, but the format isn’t complicated.

It doesn’t have to be too long; it’s the quality of the information that matters, not the quantity. It’s usually about 400 to 600 words and has the following sections: letterhead, introduction, a few body paragraphs (maximum four is advisable), and conclusion.

You can turn to letters of recommendation for grad school templates to make sure the document will be efficient, and these are the elements you must make sure to include:

  • The date of the letter
  • Your full name, title, and school name and address
  • You need to briefly introduce yourself and mention how long and closely you have known the applicant
  • Underline the fact that you take the recommendation process seriously, and that you only endorse valuable candidates
  • The main body of the letter must give more detailed information on the qualities and achievements of the candidate, using as many relevant examples as possible
  • Talk about their work ethic, habits, and approach to education, as well as their research abilities
  • Highlight their efficient way of solving problems and give examples of situations when they exceeded your expectations
  • If you prove that you are aware of the requirements of the field of study the candidate wants to pursuit, you will make your recommendation even more efficient and trustworthy
  • The conclusion must be a summary of the reasons you chose to endorse that particular student
  • In the end, offer your contact information and mention that you are available to answer any further questions the committee may have
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The letter of recommendation for graduate school is an essential document in the admission process, and a well-written one can truly make a difference.

For the applicant’s chances to increase, the recommendation letter for graduate school must be written by a professor who knows them well and is confident they have what it takes to complete the graduate program.

To write an excellent letter of recommendation for graduate school, use the template created by CocoSign. You will also find many other useful templates for any document you may need to issue.


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