Are you planning to join a sorority? If yes, make sure you have a sorority recommendation letter in place. There are some sororities that do not need a sorority recommendation letter; however, some can expect you to submit a sorority recommendation letter.

If you are wondering what sorority recommendation letter is and why it is used for, read on this article to learn more.

What Is a Sorority Recommendation Letter?

Sorority recommendation letter refers to a formal document that supports the application of women to join and become a member of the specific sorority. This letter must be drafted by an alumna of a particular sorority that a woman applicant wants to join.

Of note, many larger sororities offer forms on their official websites that applicants can fill out to join a sorority. Or else, applicants can also copy the structure of their form.

Sorority recommendation letter highlights the character, positive traits as well as former accomplishments of applicants. This letter of recommendation is used to influence the admission committee of the sorority to allow new applicants in their sorority.

The admission department of any sorority looks for a woman who is a perfect match for their sorority. In this consideration, the sorority letter of recommendation is required to assess the eligibility, competency, and potential attributes of the applicant.

Why a Sorority Recommendation Letter Is Needed?

A sorority letter of recommendation is needed to get registered in a particular sorority that you wish to join. This letter of recommendation is needed because it supports your application to join a specific sorority.

Basically, a sorority recommendation letter is important because it demonstrates the applicant’s qualification, positive attributes, and competency. It can also include the applicant’s level of education and academic accomplishments.

The admission committee of any sorority finds the sorority recommendation letter important before granting membership to the applicant. This letter of recommendation offers an advantage to the applicant based on qualifications and competencies.

Furthermore, make sure the author of the sorority recommendation letter is an alumna. You can ask someone who is close to you and has been a member of the sorority that you want to join. This is because a sound relationship between applicant and alumna allows the author to go more into details and desirable attributes that can get you approved in the sorority.

What Is Included in a Sorority Letter of Recommendation?

When it comes to writing sorority letter recommendation, make sure its structure includes an introduction, main body, and conclusion. Also, don’t forget to add salutation stating ‘To whom it may concern’ at the beginning of your sorority recommendation letter.

An introduction should not be too long and should contain the name and qualification of the author, as well as the name of the applicant and nature of the relationship between applicant and author. It should also demonstrate the merit of the applicant for getting sorority’s membership.

In the main body paragraphs, the author must highlight the qualifications of application and how she can be a good fit in a sorority. In addition, information about academic achievements, previous work experiences must be included.

In the concluding paragraph of the sorority letter recommendation, the author should wrap her thoughts about the applicant in 2 to 3 lines. Besides, it should include either semi-formal or formal sign-off along with the signature of the author at the bottom of the letter.

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Many sorority organizations need sorority recommendation letters before they grant membership to women in their sorority. This is because the sorority recommendation letter verifies the eligibility of a potential applicant.

Now that you know what sorority recommendation letter and its importance, you must contact reliable alumni for drafting your letter of recommendation. You can also visit our website CocoSign where you can find different great templates for a sorority recommendation letter.


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