MBA Recommendation Letter

MBA Recommendation Letter

    Getting an MBA recommendation letter requires a lot of time and effort from your friends or colleagues. CocoSign has solved this problem by creating a template to help you get one yourself. Our templates show off the best parts of who you are as an applicant so that admissions officers can see why you deserve their attention. These templates will make writing your MBA recommendation letter much easier - just fill in the blanks!

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MBA Recommendation Letter
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MBA Recommendation Letter

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Are you applying for an MBA course in any prestigious university? You must know that many institutions want business students to attach MBA recommendation letters.

It is worth mentioning that the MBA recommendation letter must be drafted by people who know you well. These are the individuals who demonstrate the admissions committee that you are capable of getting enrolled in their university.

Keep on reading this article to know more about the MBA recommendation letter and who should write this recommendation letter for you. Besides, we will also discuss how the best MBA recommendation letter is written.

What Is an MBA Recommendation Letter?

An MBA recommendation letter or Masters of Business Administration letter of recommendation refers to a formal document that is used to support the application of a student for an MBA program.

Admission committees require at least 2 MBA recommendation letters along with the application of a student for the MBA program. An MBA recommendation letter mainly highlights the qualification, experience, and skills required by business students to pursue an MBA program.

An MBA letter of recommendation is known for strengthening other features of a student’s application. This recommendation letter genuinely supports your application to get enrolled in the MBA program.

Who Should You Ask for an MBA Recommendation Letter?

When it comes to writing an MBA recommendation letter, students must select the best individuals in their workplace or from their present supervisor/employer. This is because business schools require genuine information about the student’s suitability in the MBA program.

If an applicant is self-employed, he/she may ask his/her former employer/supervisor or client to write an MBA recommendation letter. Besides, when you are asking someone to write an MBA letter of recommendation, you must provide them with your resume, personal statement, and other related information which shows your credibility for the program.

A letter of recommendation MBA requires the writer to mainly focus on aspects of student’s character, positive attributes, competencies, and qualifications. Writers must mention his/her observation about the students and their performance throughout their academic careers.

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You'll save hours of work by using our template instead of writing from scratch yourself. Download it now and start crafting your personalized MBA recommendation letter!

How to Write the Best MBA Recommendation Letter?

Your MBA recommendation letter should be on one page. This means that the author must concisely include the applicant’s information. Structurally, an MBA recommendation letter consists of a short introduction, main body, and conclusion.

Usually, a business letter format is used to write an MBA recommendation letter. This is because nowadays, universities and business schools accept students’ applications via email or through the website.

In particular, the introduction must include salutation at the beginning of a recommendation letter. Most of the letters of recommendation include this phrase ‘To whom it may concern’. The introduction should not exceed more than 3 sentences.

The main body of the MBA recommendation letter must demonstrate the qualifications and positive attributes of the applicant. Moreover, the author must highlight the management and leadership skills of the applicant that are essential to excel in the MBA program.

Moreover, the author must include a real-life example explaining how the applicant dealt with the problems. Overall, the main body should mention the merit of the student and explain why they are eligible for this MBA program.

When writing a conclusion, a concise summary should be presented highlighting the business management skills of the applicant. Besides, this part should also leave an invitation for the admission committee to contact the author for further information.

Download Our Free MBA Recommendation Letter Today

You'll save hours of work by using our template instead of writing from scratch yourself. Download it now and start crafting your personalized MBA recommendation letter!


Well, now we know the significance of an MBA recommendation letter for getting enrolled in the MBA program. This letter can enhance your chances to get admission in your desired business school or university.

If you are looking for great templates for the MBA letter of recommendation, you must check recommendation letter templates on CocoSign.


John Smith

123 Main Street, Anytown, CA 12345 · 518-580-5888·



September 1, 2018


Janet Cohen

Director, Human Resources

Acme Corporation

123 Business Rd.

Business City, NY 54321


Dear Mrs. Cohen,

I have worked closely with Julie Johnson for the past two years during which time she served as a peer advisor in the Career Services Office at Concord College. I found Ms. Johnson to be an exceptionally motivated and talented young woman who comported herself well in all the endeavors she undertook. I firmly believe that she will be successful in whatever she pursues.

Ms. Johnson has a very sharp and inquisitive mind. She is also very perceptive and able to read people and situations with a great deal of accuracy. Julie is strongly committed to the organizations for which she works and I am confident that as she continues to mature she will be an asset to society. She assertively addresses problems and exhibits a maturity beyond her years in her approach to situations.

Julie has digested large volumes of information in her role as Career Peer Advisor. She has shown the ability to clearly explain complex concepts to our clientele and has developed very strong relationships with her peers and our professional staff.

I am very comfortable with allowing Julie to represent the office to external constituents. This confidence was evidenced by my recent decision to have Julie accompany a group of seniors to a recruiting conference. She effectively interfaced with corporate representatives and gathered a great number of employment leads for students back on campus.

In conclusion, I am certain that Julie will shine as a graduate student and go on to become a very accomplished business person. She possesses the right combination of drive, intelligence, and interpersonal skills required to excel in school, and in life. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this extraordinary young woman.


John Smith



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