In order for a student to get accepted in any institution for an internship, an internship recommendation letter is a necessity. This recommendation letter is usually written by a tutor, supervisor, or previous employer.

The recommendation letter for internship helps the candidate in securing a vacant seat for an internship. It creates a positive first impression during the interview process that further assists an intern in getting the internship opportunity.

The internship letter of recommendation has more weight than a typical cover letter because it gives an insight from an external perspective. It shows the interviewer the capabilities and personality of the applicant and why the applicant is fit for the role.

What is a Recommendation Letter for Internship?

The internship letter of recommendation is a character reference in the form of a document, which is commonly written by a former employer or tutor. The letter is further passed on to an organization or company to assist the candidate in getting the internship opportunity.

Normally, internships are relatively easier to get because they are unpaid jobs and employers usually do not have to pay the internees; therefore, they easily hire them.

However, high-level internship positions demand a recommendation letter for internship to ascertain that the selected person has the knowledge and skills required to handle the responsibilities of the position.

In addition, the letter of recommendation for internship highlights the work ethics and character traits of the applicant to help them in their interview process. This letter provides organizations with a reference’s account of a candidate’s qualifications, which include their goals, strengths, skills, and academic or professional achievements.

Why Is It Important to Write a Recommendation Letter for Internship?

There are multiple reasons to write a recommendation letter for internship to the prospective institution. The essential reasons are as follows:

  • It helps the organization in evaluating the character of the candidate.
  • It assists prospective institutions of the internship in understanding the capabilities of the student.
  • The recommendation letter for internship aid organizations in examining whether the recommended person can diligently carry out specific tasks within the institution.
  • It also provides a brief insight into the candidate’s ability to blend with other employees.

Furthermore, the recommendation letter for internship allows the prospective institution to comprehend what the recommended person is capable of and what level of education the candidate has attained.

What Should Be Included in a Recommendation Letter for Internship?

An internship letter of recommendation should sound positive and if you feel like you cannot endorse the student, it is best to decline the letter request politely. Once you have agreed to write the letter, it should contain the following sections:

Section 1: This is the first part of the recommendation letter that should include student’s academic information. It would help if you also list down their GPA, extracurricular activities, and academic achievements.

Once you have done that, it is best to describe your relationship with the recommended person, which should also include information regarding how long you have known them and how.

Section 2: In this section, explain why the student is a great fit for the internship program. Including examples of their qualifications and expertise can significantly increase the chances of a student getting the position.

Section 3: State your qualifications and your academic relationship with the recommended student. You can also describe your initial expressions of the recommended student and the level of personal growth the student has achieved.

This section should also summarize your recommendation and the best way to do it is by emphasizing keywords like “recommend without reservation”, or that you “highly recommend” this student.

Section 4: This should be your concluding paragraph in which you should highlight all the relevant skills, qualities, and reasons as to why the recommended student is ideal for the internship position. After that, offer to provide additional information and include your phone number and email address.

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Recommendation letter for internship is critical when applying for an internship position at a company. Not only this letter gives you a head start on your competition, but it also helps the organization to understand your character in a better way.

So, now that you know the significance of the recommendation letter don’t waste any more time and head straight to your tutor or former employer to get a recommendation letter for internship. Or you can also find a great template for a recommendation letter for internship at our website CocoSign.


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