eSignature Solution for the Immigration

If you’re an immigration and naturalization business – or you’d just like to fill out some visa-related paperwork – you’ll find CocoSign to be a godsend. The solution allows you to manage all your paperwork online and make legally-binding signatures in seconds. It’s powerful and user-friendly.

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Learn How CocoSign Improves the Document Workflow for the Immigration Industry

Easy Document Management

CocoSign not only allows you to make digital signatures but also manages your documents online. You can create template libraries, share them with your coworkers, and even track the status of shared documents. It can speed up your operational efficiency drastically.

Remote Signatures

You can use CocoSign to share documents that need to be signed over the internet, and have them be signed remotely. You can track the status of signatures from your dashboard, and send out email-based reminders.


CocoSign is designed to work incredibly well on mobile devices. You can access the solution dashboard when you’re outside, if necessary, and do the tasks you usually do without having to boot up your PC. Signing documents on touchscreens is a breeze too.

Resource Saver

Using CocoSign can save you from having to create, sign, and share paperwork in the real world. You can do it all digitally, which also saves you a great deal of time and money. Following up with clients and coworkers is faster too.


Legal Acceptance

Digital signatures are legally-valid in 60+ countries at the moment, and global acceptance is only increasing. CocoSign also complies with data regulations like the European GDPR and American HIPAA. You can use the solution for official work without any trouble.

Airtight Security

The CocoSign platform is extremely secure, so you can use it stress-free. Your signatures are kept encrypted and are accessible only to you. Any data you share over the platform is transported through the HTTPS protocol.

Use Cases

Here are some scenarios where CocoSign can assist you:

  • Visa applications
  • Immigration authorizations
  • Inter-agency agreements
  • Dispute and complaint paperwork
  • Expense authorizations
  • Certifications
  • Letters and court orders
  • Application approvals

Your immigration and visa procedures have never been easier

CocoSign offers forms and templates for multiple countries for you to fill out online with free digital signature tools.

Immigration FAQs

Is CocoSign suitable for immigration paperwork or my immigration-related business?

CocoSign can help you sign anad manage your immigration forms and other paperwork, yes. It's a digital signature solution that allows you to securely sign any document in minutes and then share it online (if necessary).

What documents can CocoSign support?

CocoSign supports all popular digital document formats, from PDF to Doc. You can upload all kinds of documents to the platform. Some examples include NDAs, forms, and contracts. You can also, of course, manage your immigration-related paperwork.

Do I need a CocoSign account to sign an immigration form?

You will need a CocoSign account to download a signed immigration form from CocoSign or to share it with someone. It's free to create a basic account on the platform. You can also choose to log in with any existing Google account.

Is CocoSign safe to use?

Yes, CocoSign is completely safe to use. Your data is privately stored and encrypted. It's protected by the newest cybersecurity protocols and best practices. The solution is private, and any document you choose to upload gets automatically deleted after a set period.

Do I have to pay to use CocoSign?

You can use a basic version of CocoSign for free, where you'll be able to sign documents and not much else. If you'd like to use advanced features or utilize the solution for your business, then you should pay to use the solution, yes.

Can I fill out immigration-related paperwork on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can fill out immigration-related paperwork on your mobile phone with CocoSign. The solution works as well on smaller screens as it does on computes and laptops. You can use your touchscreen to create a more authentic signature.

Is it legally-valid to sign an immigration form or document with CocoSign?

Yes, a document signed on CocoSign (immigration or otherwise) is legally-valid. Digital signatures are accepted in 60+ countries globally. You can sign any official paperwork on CocoSign and take advantage of features like audit protection.

Is CocoSign user-friendly?

CocoSIgn is extremely easy to use. You (or your colleagues) won't need advanced tech skills to use the solution for any individual or company paperwork. You can sign a document just by uploading it to the site and using the provided digital tools to come up with a signature.

Easier, Quicker, Safer eSignature Solution for SMBs and Professionals

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