eSignature Solutions for Education

eSignatures digitally transform the way you process admissions, enrollment forms, student applications, weekly lesson plans, curriculum updates, and a lot more. For progressive educational institutes, eSignature is vital as it makes things simpler for administration, teachers, parents, and students.

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Learn How CocoSign Improves Document Workflow for Educational Professional

Streamline Student Application Process

The student application process is simplified as all activities take place online! Students can download the application through the portal, fill in the data, add the eSign, and submit it instantly.

Save Costs

Your institute saves a lot of costs on printing equipment, scanners, office cabinets, and paperwork. With every document kept online at a central location, you pay only a fraction of the amount.

Stay Secure

With ultimate confidence, you can send your confidential documents and have them signed electronically. CocoSign eSignature services are 100% safe, secure, lawful, and meet all industry-standard eSignature specifications.


Integration With Technologies in the School

CocoSign connects with other technologies within your school. It can quickly integrate with the school management system and have the option of implementing eSignature as an extension of the current system!

Support Full Mobile Enablement

The concern is gone if it's the form's submission last date and you're away from your laptop. You can fill out the form and submit it by adding CocoSign eSignature using a mobile app.

Organize Student's Personal Information

Personal information, applications, approvals, transcripts, and other student documents are located at the central location in an organized manner. The document and its version history can be accessed as desired.

Use Cases

In the following cases, make your processes efficient and reliable by using innovative eSignature technology:

  • Class enrollment forms
  • Student applications
  • Scholarship applications
  • Student Loan applications
  • Transfers request forms
  • Transcript requests forms
  • Co Curricular activity forms
  • Permission forms
  • Student progress reports
  • Lesson plans
  • Progress reports
  • Circulars and notices

Drive better outcomes for your education business

Create and fill education forms

Spend less time making forms and more time educating with CocoSign. Make your paperwork workload easier and stress-free.

Check ED forms here

Modify and share academic forms

Save time and energy by filling in academic forms online on CocoSign. You can take advantage of handy features like document sharing.

Check academic forms here

Create and share sign in sheets

Use a handy sign-in sheet template and get your work done faster. It's easy to fill out online with CocoSign's powerful digital document tools.

Check sign in sheet templates here

Education FAQs

How does CocoSign benefit my education instituion or business?

CocoSign can speed up your day-to-day paperwork significantly by making it digital. You can sign documents quickly and have other people sign them too, in any desired sequence. You can create and share forms, waivers, contracts, and permission slips through the platform. It also features several useful, advanced document management tools.

Can CocoSign guarantee the safety of my documents?

CocoSign stores your documents as securely and as safely as possible. They aren't accessible to anyone but you. The platform complies with all the requiste regulatory data safety norms and best practices. Further, advanced features like auto-expiration of documents add an extra layer of safety to it.

Will my faculty members or students be able to use CocoSign?

You can have multiple people sign documents with you through CocoSign. The platform allows you to send documents to many people and have them sign in any desired sequence.

How does CocoSign work?

CocoSign is a web-based e-signature solution. It allows you to upload digital documents and sign them with the help of digital tools. You can create a CocoSign account and sign up for a plan to use its advanced features . They should benefit your education business.

Can I access CocoSign via my mobile device?

You can access CocoSign from your mobile device, yes. It's a browser-based solution. You just need to fire up your favorite mobile browser like Chrome and visit the official website to begin signing documents on-the-go.

What sort of documents can I upload to CocoSign?

CocoSign will allow you to upload forms, contracts, waivers, petitions, NDAs, and financial paperwork, among other things. As long as it can be converted to a supported digital format, like PDF or Word, CocoSign will allow you to sign it.

Are documents I sign with CocoSign legally binding?

Yes, documents you sign with CocoSign are legally binding. Electronic signatures are accepted in 60+ countries worldwide. Check your local regulations before you use CocoSign just to be on the safe side.

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