eSignature Solutions for Vehicles

Save time and money by using CocoSign to do the paperwork for your car dealership or other vehicle-related business. Take advantage of powerful digital tools to sign and manage your paperwork, and share it seamlessly with coworkers, customers, and clients.

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Learn How CocoSign Improves the Document Workflow for the Vehicles Industry

Powerful Tools

CocoSign allows you to do most of your day-to-day vehicular paperwork online – cheaper and faster. The platform makes available a variety of document signing and management tools, all of which can be accessed online from your web browser.

Multi-platform Compatible

You can handle your vehicle industry paperwork from any platform you’re comfortable with, such as your phone, tablet, or PC. The solution offers cross-platform compatible tools. You can start your paperwork on one device and finish it on another one on-the-go.

Secure and Private

CocoSign is a fully secure and private solution. If you choose to upload documents or signatures on our servers, they’ll be protected by the latest security protocols and best practices. Your data is kept logically-separated from other users and is accessible only to you.

Storage for Easy Access

You can use CocoSign to store your most important documents and create template libraries to speed up tasks. Further, if you need to sign multiple documents frequently, you can store your signature and reuse it quickly.



CocoSign complies with major data safety and privacy regulations such as the American HIPAA and the European GDPR. That means you can use the solution as it is for your business, without having to take any special steps to ensure compliance.

Free Templates

CocoSign offers hundreds of free forms and templates that you may need in your day-to-day life – either individually or for your business. You can fill these out online in minutes and share them with people through your dashboard.

Use Cases

Here are some examples of where CocoSign can assist you:

  • Licenses and permits
  • Service registration
  • Ownership titles and contracts
  • New business applications
  • Certifications and approvals
  • Expense Authorizations
  • Service registration
  • Loan applications

Take care of your vehicle-related RMV paperwork in a jiffy

Use CocoSign's free forms and document signing tools to do your state's paperwork online stress-free.

Vehicles FAQs

Can CocoSign help with my vehicle paperwork or vehicle-related business?

CocoSign is a digital signature solution that offers a variety of free document management tools. You can get your paperwork done with their help. And it can be used by any business too, such as a car dealership.

How does CocoSign work?

CocoSign is a online digital signature and document management solution. You can use it to sign documents and manage your day-to-day paperwork. It offers a variety of tools that can make your life easier.

How much does CocoSign cost?

CocoSign offers various plans, including a free one. Depending on your needs and the nature of your business, you can choose a suitable one. The Enterprise plan offers the most customization and advanced options.

What kind of documents can I upload to CocoSign?

Any document you can convert to a digital format, you can upload to CocoSign. The site supports all popular digital document formats like PDF and Doc.

Is my data safe on CocoSign?

Yes, your data is safe on CocoSign. Any data you choose to upload to the platform or share will be protected by the latest security protocols. It'll be accessible only to you and the people you choose to share it with.

Does CocoSign store my signature?

CocoSign offers an optional feature where you can store your signature for quick reuse. It makes it easy for you to sign multiple documents over a prolonged period. You can delete your signature whenever you like.

Can I share documents with CocoSign?

Yes, you can share any contracts or other documents related to your vehicle online through CocoSign. You can share them quickly through your dashboard and track their status too.

Do I need a CocoSign account to do my vehicle-related paperwork?

Yes, you need a CocoSign account if you're planning to manage a lot of paperwork related to your vehicle or dealership business. An account gives you access to advanced features that you can't otherwise access.

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